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Following our disabled son's recent upgraded PIP award we're considering getting a motability vehicle but are aware there are pros and cons. Having checked some of the relatively recent threads here we're still not sure whether it'd make sense for us.

We have 2 elderly vehicles at present (53 diesel & 07 petrol), the elder of which we've been considering getting shot of for a while and the vast majority of our mileage is now taking him to/from college twice a week which is a round trip of 50 miles or so each time (c.4k pa). However as he's recently started living away from home during the week (term time) and will be for the next 3 years, we'd like to be able to take him on trips further afield at weekends during holidays etc. and our future mileage in any new car would reflect this.

IIRC the current rules allow a 20k annual mileage which I'm sure is far more than we'd actually use so I'm wondering if the sums add up overall and what the other main considerations are. My wife would keep her car on which I'm a named driver and I'd retire mine hence saving on tax/mot/insurance at a cost of around £700pa plus any other annual running costs. I believe if we are claim free for the period that ought to be accepted by a future insurer if I were to need to insure a car in my own right again for whatever reason but for how long would that be the case? My last insurance claim was over 12 years ago touch wood... :)

Having had a brief look at what cars are available with only a small initial one off payment, so far we feel we'd be looking at a Citroen C4 Grand Picasso diesel but whether it'd be something we'd want to keep after the 3 years are up I couldn't say. It looks a very nice car but there's always the reliability question. Also, although I like driving mine, life's getting increasingly tough for diesels and who knows what the rules will be like in 2020. For that reason I wouldn't want to buy anything other than a petrol model but these come at a higher initial cost on Motability.

Having said all that, are there any other significant considerations, financial or otherwise, I'm overlooking and would taking up this option probably be a good idea (in the absence of a crystal ball) in our circumstances? We're going to need 2 cars for various reasons so the only other option would be for me to buy another car of similar size (nearly new petrol) and for us to continue using our own vehicles for his transportation.

Thanks in anticipation.

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How old is your son and how long is his PIP award for?

If he is at school/college during the week are you sure your other use of a Motability car is compliant with their usage policy (including dealing with malaicious complaints):


The acid test is what else could you lease for £57.45/week and on what terms.

n/a - Motability pros/cons & vehicle choice - Mazda-Man

Hi Bromptonaut and thanks.

He's 20 and the current award is 3 years and he should be at college for that period. He'll live with us from Friday afternoon to Monday morning 38 weeks pa and 7 days pw the other 14 weeks of the year. As explained nearly all our mileage is ferrying him around in one way or another as public transport is an issue for him and he can't travel alone/unsupervised. We have the wife's car for our own small personal use which is what we'd continue to use it for. What I've read about the scheme restrictions so far didn't seem to indicate it would be an issue but this is all new to us so I may be wrong. Sorry but I'm not sure what the malicious complaints point you made relates to.

Personally I wouldn't lease a car at all because I like to keep my cars (reliability permitting) so I've never thought about it before. The 'problem' we have is that for the next 3 years we're going to be doing a minimum of 100 miles per week just getting him to/from college and my car has been due for replacement for some time so we need to make some sort of decision fairly soon.

n/a - Motability pros/cons & vehicle choice - Bromptonaut

Sorry but I'm not sure what the malicious complaints point you made relates to.

There are people out there who think it's their bounden duty to watch anybody getting 'benefits' like a hawk and report breaches, whether real or imagined.

While usual victims are single Mums supposedly co-habiting it's far from unknown regarding Motability cars.

n/a - Motability pros/cons & vehicle choice - Mazda-Man

Oh I see what you mean, sorry. :) Well that's always a possibility I suppose with all benefits, tax etc. but we wouldn't be advertising the fact that we have the car and wouldn't be misusing it anyway. I appreciate that wouldn't necessarily preclude a malicious false claim but if that happened we'd just have to sort it out I guess.

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You can get a letter from Motability stating your claim history at the end of the 3 year lease which "may" be taken into consideration when insuring again by some insurance companies. Your many existing years of built up NCD will however lapse after 2 years if you no longer have a valid policy in your own right. Being a named driver does not count.

n/a - Motability pros/cons & vehicle choice - Mazda-Man

Thanks for clarifying that. I imagine quite a lot of people get caught out in that manner.


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