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Hyundai Tuscon clutch failure at 3500 miles

I own a 2015 Hyundai Tuscon 2.0 diesel with 3500 miles on the clock. Recently the clutch burned out suddenly and completely whilst reversing my caravan. The caravan weighs 1400kg - which is well below the 2200kg towing limit of the car.

I have been towing caravans for 40 years and NEVER burned out a clutch including driving in competitions such as the British Caravan Road Rally. Have spoken to an engineer who said there is little point doing a report as he cannot prove that there was NOT a fault. I have had to pay almost £3000 for a new clutch and flywheel and cannot believe that Hyundai are just able to walk away. What should I do?

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If you can prove that the clutch release slave cylinder caused the problem you might have a case. But there remains the possibility that you were actually slipping the clutch while reversing your caravan. I'll nevertheless record this. First notified failure on a new model Tucson.
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