How much does the use of features like air con affect the range of an EV?

We are considering an EV and can install a charging point at home but public charging points are few and far between in our area. The manufacturers give ranges but we can not find the effects of the use of all the other electrical devices on the distance. How much will using the heater, fan, lights, radio etc reduce the distance we can travel?

Asked on 28 May 2019 by Sam Crawford

Answered by Andrew Brady
The official ranges are now tested under new WLTP tests, which are intended to be more reflective of real-world driving. That said, it's still normal to find the range in the real world isn't quite as much as those quoted by manufacturers. During my time with a Volkswagen e-Golf (, I found that electrical devices such as the radio had a negligible effect on the range. However, it wouldn't travel as far in winter, when things like the lights and heater were all in use. Incidentally, heated seats are generally more efficient than heaters - so bear that in mind when speccing your new electric car!
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