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SEAT Ibiza ST 2010


Seat Ibiza Ecomotive 1.4

reviewed by at6077 on 3 February 2014
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Good looks, great economy just not that exciting to drive.

At the heart of it the Seat Ibiza is a gret bargain. You've essentialled bagged yourself a VW Polo for a lot less wonga.

I covered 35,000 miles with my Seat before moving on. In that time it provided excellent fuel economy, it was comfortable to drive on long journeys and the only thing that was done to it was replace the break pads. (as well as a service every 10k miles).

It was also suprisingly large swalloing up luggage with ease. However, it being designed for eco driving it was never going to be the nimblest of things and it would need ot be revved hard if you had to get out of trouble. Also the steering was a tad light.

All in all, I could not fault the car but if I did it again I would opt for the FR version sacrificing some economy for a tad more grunt.

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About this car

Road TaxA–E
MPG47.9–80.7 mpg
Real MPG78.4%

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