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Mercedes-Benz C-Class W202 1993


C250 turbodiesel elegance automatic

reviewed by Eureka on 7 December 2014
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Superb car that drives better than some far newer cars.

Ive owned the car for 8 years covering many miles with the bonus of never breaking down.
The car has needed the usual service items and age/mileage related suspension parts but other than that has been a superb car.
It is big enough for us as a family of 4 & our small dog with more than enough space for the weekly/monthly shop.
Overall the economy isn't upto modern diesel standards but is fairly good for a heavy automatic car.
The best part of the car for me is its power, the 250td engine does suffer from turbo lag but when its on song its plenty powerful enough.
With my average weekly use it averages 26mpg which is 100% around town in start stop traffic.
On a longer run it is easy to see over 35mpg (even higher if the speed is kept to 60mph).
Overall a superb car let down by one thing. The dreaded Mercedes rust. Overall my car is far better than average but there are some very poor examples out there.

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