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BROKEN COIL SPRINGS: Why does this happen so much on European built cars? 


For a number of reasons.

Coil springs for European built cars are made cheaply. The load borne by a spring should be spread at each end.

If the spring is not around a strut this is done by 'pigtailing' the end of the spring, which means bending it at right angles across the base of the spring.

If it is around a strut the load can be spread by flattening or tapering the end.

Unfinished European coil springs sit in cups on the suspension that fill with dirt and road salt and encourage corrosion.

Shocks from potholes, speed humps and speed cushions usually finish them off.

I get an average 2 - 3 reports of this every day.

Springs on Far Eastern cars are more commonly properly finished off, which is why they generally last much longer.  



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