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KIA Venga (2010 - )

Last updated 26 February 2014

Space-efficient and compact people carrier, large boot and flat-folding rear seat, available with a four-speed automatic 1.6 petrol, easy to park, good visibility.
Not cheap but price competitive.
Updated 9 October 2013

Complaint of front brake pads rattling in their calipers and the solution of a sticky pad to hold them in place lasting no more than a few days.

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For the Venga, Kia opted for the small and tall approach. A design that provides comfortable, easily accessed upright seats, excellent luggage capacity and a flat load floor in a car just 13’ 6” long. 

It’s not cheap, with prices starting at £11,495 and rising to £15,395. We can blame Mr Brown’s economic policies and a 30% devaluation of Sterling for that. A cost that importers can no longer absorb. 

Kia has sensibly restricted the range of chain cam petrol and diesel engines to just three, and given the 4-speed torque converter automatic version the most powerful. You can go for 60mpg economy and £35/£30 tax with the EcoDynamics diesel from a reasonable £12,795, including stop-start. Opt for a lower purchase price, less mpg, more tax with the 1.4 petrol from £11,495. Or forget ultimate frugality and choose the 1.6 petrol auto that should still give you 40mpg on a run. 

Kia Venga 2010 Road Test

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