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Audi A7 Sportback (2011 - )

Last updated 22 May 2014


What's good

Audi's take on a large grand tourer - a sporty version of the A8.

Spacious and luxurious interior.

A rarity on the roads so ensures exclusivity.

3.0 BiTDI engine with 313PS is immense.

Black Edition models available.

What to watch out for

3-1-2014: Problems with an Audi A7 Sportback over the first 8 months: At 400 miles the boot lock failed, then failed again at 1,700 miles after being replaced. Key then failed and wouldn't unlock or lock and car wouldn't start the car as all electrics went on shutdown. Car recovered to Stoke Audi. Subsequently steering 'froze' resulting in wheel damage. Stoke Audi found no problem. Then steering 'froze' again resulting in £5000 of damage to wheels and suspension. Again, Stoke Audi found no reason for this.

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