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Hyundai or Kia?
If you had a choice between a Hyundai ix35 or a Kia Sportage which company would you go with. Both cars look the same to me, but I'm leaning towards the Hyundai as its warranty is unlimited mileage and the Kia's is 100,000. Is there a reason for this if they are the same vehicle underneath?

I cover about 48,000 miles a year so the Hyundai warranty looks appealing as the Kia's will be over in two years.

Are there any major issues with the diesel versions regarding reliability?

I am looking at the 4wd option as sometimes I do have to travel in adverse weather condtions and I do occassionally tow, I'm a little wary of moving away from the established makes.

Asked on 8 February 2012 by Ricky Clark

Answered by Honest John
KIA gives you 7 years limited to 100,000 miles. Hyundai gives you unlimited mileage limited to 5 years. Surprisingly, but pleasingly, no issues with the R-Type 2.0 litre diesel yet, or with the 1.7 diesel.
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