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Saab - a good time to bag a good deal?
Bearing in mind the current position of Saab, and with Saab GB currently in receivership, if Saab were to cease, would it be an opportune time to acquire a Saab at a much reduced price?

The dealers presumably will have stock they they will want to get rid of and I presume, like Rover & MG, there were good deals to be had back then.

I tend to own cars for long periods of time (7 years plus) and cannot afford to buy new so the resale value of cars that I have owned tends to be less than £1,000 anyway.

Asked on 11 December 2011 by Happy Driver

Answered by Honest John
You'd have to be nuts. No technical back up for the electronics. Spasmodic parts supply. Who is going to make the body panels? Who is going to make replacement light clusters?
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