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Little ship-wreck
The garage has just confirmed today that my beloved FIAT Barchetta is almost certainly a write-off. I'll really miss it. But I think I'll go for something more solid next time. How do you rate the FIAT 500 in terms of passenger safety in the event of an impact?

Asked on 27 February 2010 by J.T., via e-mail

Answered by Honest John
The 500 has 7 airbags and a 5 star NCAP score. But it has been tested crashing into an Audi Q7 and did not fare so well then (though nothing its size would have). For fun and equivalency to the Barchetta, I'd go for a standard Abarth 500, and refuse the option of 17" wheels. It's much better on 16" wheels with a bit more rubber between the rims and the road. All new FIAT 500s are now coming through with the improved Ford Ka/Abarth rear suspension that transforms ride comfort, roadholding and steering.
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