Will the new Lada Niva Travel be sold in the UK?

Published 14 January 2021

Lada has unveiled the 2021 Niva Travel. The compact SUV has been given a complete refresh with LED lighting, modern styling and a 1.7-litre petrol engine. Prices haven't been announced yet, but the previous model started at 726,000 Rubles (£7244) and Lada's cheap 4x4 could be set for a surprise return to the UK market.

For those that can remember the original Niva, the new 2021 Niva Travel might look like quite an uplift in quality and style.

The appearance of Lada Niva Travel has received significant changes, most notably with more modern styling touches like the large mesh grille and new headlights. The rear also sees the introduction of LED taillights and a more embossed bumper.

All Lada Niva Travel cars are equipped with a permanent four-wheel-drive system, while off-road versions get a standard snorkel, off-road tyres and an unpainted plastic body kit to protect the paintwork from damage.

Niva Travel Offroad _Forest (1)

The Niva joined Lada's range in 1979, but financial difficulties prompted AvtoVAZ (Lada's parent company) to withdraw from most European markets in 1997. The SUV was rebranded as the Chevrolet Niva between 2003 and 2020 when AvtoVAZ was in a joint venture with General Motors called GM-AvtoVAZ. 

Lada is now part of Renault and shares its platform with a number of vehicles from the French carmaker's line-up. And following the success of Dacia, rumours have surfaced that Lada could be set for a dramatic return in the UK, with Renault promising to launch 14 new vehicles by 2025.

A spokesperson for Lada told HonestJohn.co.uk: "We took a decision to quit from the European market in 2019 due to the new emission regulations introduced there. We are investigating plans to be back in some years."

So, you won't be able to buy the Suzuki Jimny’s Russian workhorse rival in the UK anytime soon - but that doesn't mean that'll always be the case.


soldierboy 001    4 days ago

Being that Lada has updated it's quality since joining Renault it could possibly be like Dacia they could return to the UK but not until they are sending us an EV, remember the government rules? no ICE after 2030

barrie crowther    4 days ago

I had an old type Lada bought second hand.It worked ok for my family for 24 months. It was a bit agricultural with a growly engine and heavy clutch. It also rusted very easily. It was sold off my drive for £300, bought by two E/Europeans. I had paid a £1000 for it so not a big loss.

aethelwulf    3 days ago

It'll be a brave decison to put your money into one. Davcias have been here for a while now and are proving to be reasonably good for simple motoring. As for the 2030 ban of ICE , well I run a 15 ear old car now and a new Dacia in 2025 will last me to 2040 when I shall be 93 ( hopefull) . So I doubt I will bother with EV - unless they start giving them away with cornflakes.

conman    3 days ago

Another fantastic move by the French Government that have a financial stake in the company but were all against our government investing in manufacturing in our country. German and French companies hold virtually all the car manufacturers in the EU and surrounding countries, Lada being just one example. Dacia, Seat, Skoda, Renault ,Audi, Citroen, VW, BMW, etc. Bentley, Rolls Royce now owned by Germans our fore fathers would be turning in their graves. Also most of the car factories are new and have been built with cheap EU loans, which we paid in to and have received no compensation for. I wonder why Tesla has decided to build its GIGA factory in Germany it couldn't have been tempted by cheap EU loans could it.

The Politicians of our country are stupid and have caused all this loss of manufacturing take Bombardier now French, all British factories closed and the acres and acres of land that it owned sold off for housing disgraceful. and these Politicians did it for 10 minutes of fame to be President of the EU. Nichola Sturgeons another one that can't wait to sell Scotland out for that 10 minutes of fame on the grounds of an independent Scotland.

Edited by conman on 15/01/2021 at 21:45

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