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Shell 'working on' city car concept

Published 09 April 2015

Shell has confirmed it is working on building its own city car. The Shell Concept will be fossil-fuelled and created by former McLaren designer Gordon Murray. The car is expected to be unveiled in November 2015.

The Shell Concept is being created in collaboration with former McLaren designer Gordon Murray and Honda F1 engine designer Osamu Goto. Murray, the man responsible for penning the legendary McLaren F1 road car of the 1990s, will base the design on his T25 prototype (pictured below), with a steel tubular frame and lightweight composite panels. 

The T25 made its first appearance in 2010, but struggled to get funding to make it into full scale production. It's thought that Shell will use the 1.5m wide chassis as the basis for the Shell Concept, utilising a six metre turning circle and compact body, which will allow three Shell cars to be parked in just one standard parallel parking space.

Shell's decision to co-develop a fossil-fuelled car marks a notable fightback by an oil company, with traditional vehicle manufacturers moving towards electric and hybrid powertrains. However, the oil giant is keen to stress that the Shell Concept will "maximising personal mobility while minimising energy use". 

There's no details on what shape the engine will take or what economy it will return, but expect the three-seater to be rear-wheel driven with a compact turbocharged petrol engine proving power. The Shell Concept will get its global unveiling in November 2015, with road trials following in early 2016.




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