Jaguar reveals improved XJ

Jaguar has revealed its 2013 model year XJ which gets a host of improvements, the most significant of which is a new 3.0-litre supercharged V6 engine, replacing the 5.0-litre V8. This new engine makes its debut in the XJ and the XF plus it will also power the much anticipated F-Type.

On sale from September prices for the new XJ start at £56,260 on the road which gets you the impressive 3.0-litre diesel version with 600Nm of torque. Like the new 3.0-litre supercharged engine, the diesel now gets a new eight-speed ZF automatic gearbox as standard which also features an intelligent start/stop system to save fuel in traffic. As a result the 3.0 D averages a claimed 47mpg (estimated) with CO2 emissions of 159g/km - an improvement of 14%.

The 3.0-litre supercharged petrol produces 340PS with 450Nm of torque giving the XJ a 0-62mph time of 5.9 seconds which fuel economy is 30mpg. Other changes to the XJ for the 2013 model year include re-calibrated spring and damper settings as well as remapped damper software - all designed to enhance ride isolation and passenger comfort on all road surfaces.

Improvements inside include DAB now fitted as standard plus a new premium sound system. Teaming up with British audio specialist Meridian, Jaguar has developed a 825W sound system. This top-of-the range 20-speaker system comes as standard on Portfolio and Supersport XJ models and is an option on other models.


Engine Variant 3.0 V6 S/C Petrol  5.0 V8 S/C Petrol
Layout V6 cylinder V8 cylinder
Capacity 2995 cc  5000 cc
Power   340PS 510 PS
Torque    450 Nm 625 Nm
Fuel economy 9.4 l/100km (30mpg) 11.3 l/100 km (25mpg)
CO2 emissions   224g/km 268g/km
Performance (0-60 mph) 5.7secs    4.7 secs
Performance (0-100 kph) 5.9 secs 4.9 secs
Engine Variant  3.0 V6 Diesel S  
Layout   V6 cylinder  
Capacity 2,993 cc  
Power 275 PS  
Torque 600 Nm  
Fuel economy 6.0 l/100 km (47mpg)  
CO2 emissions 159 g/km  
Performance (0-60 mph) 5.9 secs  
Performance (0-100 kph) 6.4 secs  


XJ 13MY on-the-road (OTR) Pricing (£)
Standard wheel-base
XJ 3.0 Diesel Luxury 56,260
XJ 3.0 Diesel Premium Luxury 60,060
XJ 3.0 Diesel Portfolio 67,260
XJ 3.0 S/C Petrol Premium Luxury 65,365
XJ 3.0 S/C Petrol Portfolio 72,815
XJ 3.0 S/C Petrol Supersport 91,735
Long wheel-base
XJ 3.0 Diesel Luxury 59,260
XJ 3.0 Diesel Premium Luxury 63,060
XJ 3.0 Diesel Portfolio 70,260
XJ 3.0 S/C Petrol Premium Luxury 68,515
XJ 3.0 S/C Petrol Portfolio 75,815
XJ 3.0 S/C Petrol Supersport 95,235


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