Geneva Motor Show 2015: UK specification for new Jazz announced

Published 03 March 2015

Honda has announced the UK specification for the upcoming new Jazz. Official pricing for the more aggressively styled new model is to be announced, but is expected to start at around £14,000, with orders open in summer.

UK cars will be powered by a 1.3-litre i-VTEC petrol engine with 102PS, linked to a choice of six-speed manual or CVT automatic transmission. Performance and economy figures will be confirmed shortly before sales start.

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Like the previous Jazz, the new model will get a very flexible cabin, with ‘magic’ seat adjustment, allowing the owner to configure the car for tall items like house plants, long items like planks or bulky objects like flat pack furniture. There’s more boot space than in the old car at 354 litres, or 884 with the back seats folded flat.

The cabin gets a cleaner look with better quality materials than the outgoing car, including a soft-touch dashboard covering. There’s a seven-inch touchscreen on higher trim grades with smartphone connectivity, allowing users to connect to internet-based radio, plus other services like traffic alerts. Lower trim grades get a smaller LCD display.

In keeping with modern Euro NCAP demands, the new Jazz gets various active safety technologies including forward collision warning, lane departure warning, auto-dipping headlights and active city braking.

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T1tone    on 3 March 2015

Just wondered what happened to the 1.0 litre 3 cylinder supercharged engine that Honda announced in the USA?

Bigsphinx    on 3 March 2015

I couldn't agree more. Honda's UK spec engines are all lack lustre. The HRV and Civic especially need better engines, maybe the de-tuned 2.0 litre turbo from the Type R?

T1tone    on 3 March 2015

It seems Honda always gives the UK market 'second best' engines - anyone know why?
They did the same thing at the launch of the original Jazz back in the early 2000's - I know because I own one!

Bigsphinx    on 4 March 2015

Ive just swapped a 2.2 Civic for a newer 1.8. The engine is so quiet you drive on the rev counter but it lacks any 'Go'. Maybe I shouldn't have given up the 2.2.

fred    on 10 March 2015

Switch off the ECO button and it won't feel like a 1.6. At least you aren't killing the next generation with your exhaust.

Bigsphinx    on 10 March 2015

You think I haven't tried that? Honda need a high-power small engine such as VAG's 1.4 TSI (whatever), or the BMW 3 or 4 cylinder one in Minis, Beemers and other cars. If Honda would just fit a small super or turbo charger to the 1.8 it would give it the torque the engine lacks. However, since owning the car and being experienced with VTEC engines I have made it a lot more flexible just by driving close to the red line, accelerating hard in second (on the right roads, naturally). Even so it feels as if something is dampening it especially in third gear and above. Until the revs get to about 4,000 when the cam profile changes and then it's nothing like my old 2.0 VTEC was when you could hear the noise change and feel the kick. It's almost as if the Eco button is still 'on' and I wonder if there is something electronic that Honda have done, probably in the name of economy. If so, I want to 'undo' it.

ianpark    on 9 March 2015

Because in the US Honda is a very youth oriented brand the Jazz sold as the Honda Fit is very popular in that demographic, where in the UK it's the other way around Honda's are sold for their reliability not a trendy image so like the Daily Telegraph who sell to a mature audience the customer base is literally dying out. So unless Honda produce a Jazz' Type R, I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for a more interesting engine in the range,

ianpark    on 3 March 2015

The Jazz is getting far too expensive for what it is,Honda isn't really a "premium" manufacturer plus it's customer base is rather elderly, it's no wonder that Honda's UK sales have slipped

Cman    on 3 March 2015

We are expecting a good diesel!!

   on 3 March 2015

just how much bigger is this one than the last. It's getting so it won't fit in any garage. It used to be a Small 4/5 seater.

bakeart    on 3 March 2015

I'd have a Jazz if it had a bit more pep. Joining a fast moving traffic stream ( by which I mean anything much over 30 mph) from a side road is a nightmare, just far too slow off the mark. I'm not looking for a rocket ship, just a level of performance that allows for something more than just a car for the city centre.

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