Geneva Motor Show 2013: Rolls-Royce Wraith revealed

Rolls-Royce once again recalls a classic name for one of its new models. The Wraith is the new flagship coupe, and also the most powerful production RR ever built, developing 624bhp. The Wraith's order book is now open, with deliveries of this £200,000-plus coupe beginning this autumn.

The Wraith's 624bhp V12 develops 800Nm (590lb ft), and the company claims that this elegant coupe will glide from 0-60mph in 4.4sec. The new car is based on the Ghost, which makes it an incredible continent-shrinker in our experience, but is slightly more compact and promises a more 'dynamic' driving experience.

The Wraith is 130mm shorter than the Ghost, and its wheelbase has been tightened by 183mm, too. It's also 40mm wider and 43mm lower - so this two-door is still an indulgent car, and large in comparison with most other cars. But based on long drives of the Ghost, it's likely that the Wraith will feel considerably smaller than that on the road.

There will be some impressive technical additions to the Wraith, including satellite-aided transmission, which uses GPS data to preselect gears - based on the way the driver is using the car. This is exactly the sort of top-end technology that you can expect to filter down to your Mondeo within the next decade.

The Wraith's interior will be familiar to Ghost drivers, especially the 'night sky' headlining, which creates an interesting ambiance thank to 1340 LEDs hand-woven into the headlining. There will be new touches though - inspired by the boating industry, such as marine-grade wood-pannelling. 

'Today we launch the ultimate gentlemen’s gran turismo, a car that embodies the spirit of Charles Stewart Rolls,' said Torsten Müller-Ötvös, CEO Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. 'The most powerful Rolls-Royce in history, Wraith promises the sense of adventure and speed that drove our founding forefather. But of course, Wraith’s starting point is luxury, refinement and quality, traits that remain as important to Rolls-Royce customers today as they were more than a century ago.'


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