Morgan Motor Company: Charles to fight for family firm

Published 18 October 2013

Charles Morgan has vowed to appeal a decision to remove him from the board of the Morgan Motor Company.

Issuing a statement on his personal blog, Charles Morgan said: ‘As has been widely reported, I have been asked to leave the Morgan Motor Company by the board. It is a sad decision that I am appealing; I remain a major shareholder in Morgan.’

The third generation of the family to have served on the board, Charles joined the family business in 1985 and worked alongside his father, Peter Morgan, before taking the position as chairman in 2003.

Charles was replaced as the head of the company in March and was appointed as an ambassador, but this tenure was short lived when the company issued a statement a few days ago saying he was no longer part of the management team or board of directors.

‘I’d like to be clear that I am not a tycoon but a family man – I inherited a company not wealth –  and unexpectedly leaving its employment will be a hardship for myself and my family,’ said Charles via his website.

Being asked to leave the company that bears my name is extremely personally distressing.

‘Being asked to leave the company that bears my name is extremely personally distressing. That is made more painful as today marks 10 years since my father, Peter Morgan, died and I feel him in spirit with me in this dispute.

‘However my primary concern is completely for the company I have spent 30 years helping to build, and specifically for Morgan’s employees, who I hold in the highest regard. I want nothing but success for Morgan Motor Company in the future and remain committed to this goal.’

Although it’s unclear how Charles Morgan will appeal the decision, it is understood he has a lot of support from the marque’s enthusiasts who were left angered at the decision to ends the Morgan family’s 103-year involvement with the day-to-day management of the company.

An updated statement on the Morgan Motor Company’s website said: ‘The Morgan family recognises the management contribution that Charles has made to the family business as strategy director, and confirm that he remains a shareholder.

"However, to ensure continuing success, Morgan must look to strengthen and review its strategies, and acknowledges that our management team are better placed to steer the company in the future."



Louis    on 21 October 2013

Recently I had a tour of the Morgan Factory and really believe that some new management is required since the company has now based more of its future on the 3wheel type rather than the 4 wheel models.
The history and dependence by the local community on the future of Morgan is imperiative if there is to be a future. Leaving Mr Morgan on the Board maybe important but the real problem is to get a different perspective on how to capitalize on the Brand, Staff, and Reputation of Morgan is more important than the family continuing to run the company. For instance look at Ford it has taken an outsider to the automobile industry and a nonfamily member to make the turnaround.

Gary Wilson    on 22 October 2013

I would ask all to think back to "The Troubleshooter" programme. It seems ludicrous that nothing has really changed since then.

Roy Wilkinson    on 16 December 2013

Does the company really need a turnaround, it has a niche market with the traditional four wheeler for which there is still a demand. To do a "Harvey Jones" would not work as personally
I don't think there is a market for a large number of the marque
to be produced apart from the fact that being hand built keeps the selling price high in comparison with other marques. Peter Morgan kept the brand a float and Charles introduced the Aero
for modernisation. I think the balance is currently correct, the company is solvent and you know what happens when you change something that works? Fortunately I have been driving
Morgan's since a long time and feel I've
seen the best of British sports cars in that time. Kept to the same format the company will continue until cars become
obsolete, to change now will be the "death knell" of the company as those members of the MSCC know it now.

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