Vauxhall cuts price of Ampera

Published 13 September 2013

Vauxhall has cut the price of its Ampera by £3500 as it looks to boost sales of the extended range electric car. The reduction means the Ampera now costs £28,750 on the road including the £5000 Government grant for electric cars.

This gets you the Ampera Positiv which comes with an advanced on-board computer, electronic climate control and a rear view camera as standard. The range-topping Electron model also gets £3500 price cut and is now priced at £30,495. Standard equipment includes a Bose sound system, a 30GB music hard drive and satellite navigation.

The Ampera is the sister car to the Chevrolet Volt and has a real world battery range of between 25 and 50 miles, after which a small range-extending generator, powered by a 1.4-litre petrol engine, intervenes to provide up to an additional 300-plus mile range. At all times, the Ampera’s wheels are electrically driven, setting it apart from conventional hybrid vehicles.


Colin Mclean    on 16 September 2013

They may have dropped the price by 3500, but they have also discontinued the "owners package" of 2000. So in effect the reduction is only 1500

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