95 Sharan locking wheelbolt key - davidb
The key for my Sharan has broken. Four of my nearest dealers all say they do not have a workshop set of keys of this type,so unless someone can help me I shall have to butcher all four of them off. The pattern inside the key looks like a star shaped pastry cutter, almost the same as the type used on current Fords such as Mondeo or Focus. Ford ones have too deep a skirt on the outside of the key to stand a chance of fitting. My particular one has a green spot and I.D. number 83075 935. Has anybody within reach of Preston got one I can come and use? Failing this, what method of butchering them out do you suggest? So far suggestions are either careful chisel work or finding a socket which is just too small to slide over, hammering it over and hoping it bites in enough to turn the bolt.I'm hoping someone can help, thanks. David B.
95 Sharan locking wheelbolt key - Wally Zebon
If you are with a breakdown service you could try them. They must have come accross this problem before. Someone stuck miles from nowhere with a flat tyre and no equipment to fix it.
If you're not with any breakdown service, try getting a friend who's in the AA to phone, as it's them rather than the vehicle that is covered.
It's worth a shot.

95 Sharan locking wheelbolt key - M.M

This isn't a disaster. Few locking keys take more than a minute once the appropriate "bodge tool" is reached for in the workshop.

From the sound of yours an interference fit socket seems ideal.

Often the locking nut is tightened to a lesser torque than the rest, just human nature.

Failing that many motor factors do a set of four "removers" that go on a 1/2" drive. I nearly bought a new set the other week but the particular car I had then had an odd size locking nut so I saved the £20 and used an old socket.

Good luck.

95 Sharan locking wheelbolt key - Dave N
Try some other dealers as there is only about 5 variants, usually colour coded, and it's as easy as getting the same colour coded ones. Rather than just order a new key with the same colour coding, they want to spin it out to a couple of hours labour and much head scratching, when all they need is a green key.
95 Sharan locking wheelbolt key - Dynamic Dave
A previous thread, if it's any help.

95 Sharan locking wheelbolt key - jc
Have you tried Ford or Seat dealers?
95 Sharan locking wheelbolt key - davidb
I work for a Ford dealer. The Ford workshop set looks very similar but has a deeper skirt round the outside of the key so the "pastry cutter star" shape cannot reach down to engage the bolt. I haven't tried a Seat dealer yet because the nearest is miles away,but might be worth a try. The problem seems to be that the Sharan / Galaxy / Alhambra seem to use one or two bits of kit which differ from other models the dealers have to deal with and this is one of those bits of kit. Thanks for your help,
I'll check out Seat dealers.


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