Aston Martin AMV8 built in India!!! - ajit
Luxury car prototype by Dilip Chhabria unveiled at motor show

PTI[ TUESDAY, JANUARY 07, 2003 12:21:45 PM ]
DETROIT: India's automobile development expertise finally drove to the global arena with the unveiling of a new luxury car prototype by UK-based Aston Martin at the international motor show on Tuesday.

Built by Mumbai-based designer Dilip Chhabria, the prototype of the 'AMV8 Vantage Concept' car was unveiled at a glittering show by Chairman and CEO of Prime Automotive Group Mark Fields to the world media at the ongoing North American International Motor Show here.

Prime Automotive Group handles all the premier brands of the world's second largest automaker Ford Motor Company, like Austin Martin, Volvo, Jaguar and Land Rover.

This is the first time that an international car maker has utilised the services of an Indian design firm for prototype building and it is likely to give Dilip Chhabria Design a much-needed stepping stone for foraying into the highly-competitive global automobile design market.

What landed Chhabria the job was his impressive display of the 'Infidel', a sports car prototype with medium sized engine at the Geneva Motor Show in March last year.

DC Design has built the entire compact two-seater from the scratch based on designs supplied by Austin Martin. The prototype is powered by an all-new V8 engine and its body and chassis is made of aluminium and carbon fibre composites.

Austin Martin CEO Ulrich Bez said the prototype was of "very good quality" and its platform would be the basis for all future models of the company, whose cars have been made legendary by the James Bond movies.


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