Escort 1.6 16v 2000 - A Couple Of problems - AaronR

Ive recently purchased a cheapy car, a 2000my Escort 1.6 16v 85k on clock on generally good condition, for £250!

Anyway, its runs lovely apart from 2 things, firstly theres a rattling sound coming from the front wheel, drivers side i think which is especially loud going over rough road surfaces but it stops when i put my foot on the break, even gently, what could this be?

The other thing is, the car has an uneven idle, not a massive amount and it doesnt stall but it idles uneven nonetheless! what could this be?

Hope you can help!

Escort 1.6 16v 2000 - A Couple Of problems - bathtub tom

Have you checked the wheel nuts/bolts for tighness?


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