Diesel 7 seater Advice - Residesinsurrey

Hi All I wonder if you can help me with a decision? I absolutely would love a 7 seater diesel , however, I am in experieced with buying car so I was wondering whether anyone can recommend a reliable Diesel 7 seater car , my budget is really low( £800-£1500) so that's a restriction, but any advice will be welcomed .

Diesel 7 seater Advice - RT

Maybe a high mile Fiat Multipla ?

They've only 6 seats.

Diesel 7 seater Advice - Lord Laughton

Old Zafira or Galaxy, you see plenty about. Petrol probably as diesel commands a premium. I would avoid anything French, they seem to be pre programmed to self destruct after a while and parts are expensive. Look on autotrader see whats about then for your budget I would probably cut out the middle man and buy at auction.

Diesel 7 seater Advice - gordonbennet

Peugeot 806 or its identical Citroen Synergie and Fiat Useless* sisters, basically van based so very durable.

*its not really a Useless but we had to put that on our paperwork everytime just had to...;)


Diesel 7 seater Advice - Residesinsurrey

A huge thank you for the response everyone !!!


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