VW Golf mk VI 1.6TDi (Oct 2009) - 60K service done - but expensive - ah207

Last weekend managed to get the car serviced as recommended in the VW handbook (and the flashing reminder on the dash). It was the 60,000km service - which meant the following:

1. New Fuel Filter

2. New Air filer

3. New Oil Filter

4. Oil change

5. Electric diagnostic

6. Wheel alignment

7. Two new front tyres

Now, it turns out the front tyres had worn out as a result of tow-out camber. I saw them - they were indeed almost bald along one side. It was a high mileage car when we bought it used at just one year old. Probably a former hire car. The garage replaced both the worn tyres with Potenza R050A Bridgestone 505 55 16R 91W (tubless) brand tyres. Its not a brand I am familiar with but they weren't cheap - 110 Euros each!! This was an extra cost I hadn't factored - so ended up paying more than I had originally budgeted for, but oh well. The garage re-aligned the wheels and said there shouldn't be any camber anymore. The car steers straight now without veering off to one side as it did before. My question is - assuming the camber problem doesn't return - how much milage can I expect from the new Bridgestone tyres ? Did I get ripped off ?? Need to know to for future reference.


VW Golf mk VI 1.6TDi (Oct 2009) - 60K service done - but expensive - ah207

CORRECTION: It was negative camber (not toe-out).


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