Ford Fiesta encore1.3 1998 - Ford Fiesta 1.3 1998 fuel pump problem? - ponyboy

hi there

i have a 1998 ford fiesta encore with a 1.3 engine , engine number wj49264 .

sometimes the car starts and some times it doesn't , i am pretty sure it is a fuel pump problem but i wanted to post here as it is a bit weird .

i can drive the car somewhere and back and go inside for a cup of tea and when i come out the car won't start

, i have got it to start once by slamming the boot lid shut ,

i have removed and replaced all the relays in the box beside the battery and checked the fuel cut off switch ,

sometimes when it is working fine i get into the car i notice the clock has been reset and reads 0.00 but all i have done is open the door and sit in the car . ( can't remember if i put key in or not but defo had not started car)

has anyone any ideas what i might be dealing with here, i was going to order a new fuel pump but the previous owner installed a replacement fuel pump about 10 months ago ( not sure if it was new).

or could it be electrical?

many thanks to anyone who reads or replies


Ford Fiesta encore1.3 1998 - Ford Fiesta 1.3 1998 fuel pump problem? - ponyboy


i forgot to mention that the fuel guage works backwards so then when i fill car with petrol it reads empty on dash and if fuel tank is empty it reads full

only if it is half full does it read correctly :)

Ford Fiesta encore1.3 1998 - Ford Fiesta 1.3 1998 fuel pump problem? - Astofarro

Hi Pony boy,

Did you ever managed to get tothe bottom the problem you mentioned above. My sister is having similar issue with same issue, any help will be greatly appriciated.

Best wishes


Ford Fiesta encore1.3 1998 - Ford Fiesta 1.3 1998 fuel pump problem? - Andrew Aggett
1998 Ford Fiesta 1.3 encore fuel pump problems

I have been experiencing problems with my daughters fiesta fuel pump. Initially the fuse for the pump kept blowing when trying to start it, fit a new fuse and it would fire up first time and work fine for weeks then blow again, fit a new fuse and would start fine. After reading the threads on here with some great advice which indicated possible problems with either the fuel pump, fuel filter or a bad electrical connection. I decided to fit a new fuel filter first, easiest and cheapest thing first. This had no effect the fuse still kept blowing so decided to fit a new fuel pump. I cut an access hole in the floor under the seat and fitted the new fuel pump rather than removing the tank. I also checked the electrical connection which was fine. Put it all back together and it started first time. Daughter went out in it for a couple of miles and it cut out and wouldn't start. I went to get it and it started first time. I went for a logger drive in it and it cut out 3 times, eventually starting each time if you left it long enough. Eventually got it home and was head scratching as it wouldn't start at all. Decided to check everything, had a spark, had power to the fuel pump but noticed that the new pump was not making any noise. Took the fuel pump out and connected it to the supply out of the car and still no sound. Thought I had a faulty new pump but looked at the electrical connections on the pump and found that 2 of the connector blocks had not been pushed home fully, after doing this I reconnected the pump to the electrical supply and bingo it fired into life. Refitted everything and went for a long test run and everything was fine. Makes me think if the old pump had loose connections as well, too late now as thrown away. If you are fitting a new pump make sure you check the electrical connections as getting to the pump is time consuming especially if you remove the tank for access.

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