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Yesterday we had a strange failure on our 2000 Ford Focus Estate 1.6 Zetec.

The car ran a bit rough on a 20 mile trip to the airport, but cleared after my wife stopped and refuelled.

On the way back I drove and on leaving the motorway I felt rough running and the ABS and alternator charge light (I think) came on, but again cleared.

Several journeys later, now dark, lights on and heater blowing, my wife stopped in a car park and as she went to switch off there was a 'click' and all power disappeared - 100% no electricty, not even the red flashing light on the dash. Nothing happening on turning the ignition key.

I arrived 10 minutes later and found car in that state - nothing would work, not even slight noices or dim lights, nothing. I pushed the car into another space and waited for a friend to arrive with jump leads.

Before the friend arrive, spontaneously the red light on the dash started to flash again without us doing a thing - I hadn't even lifted the bonnet. When I tried the ignition it started and ran fine and everything worked. REALLY STRANGE!

I do think the battery is old and tired. I'm suspecting a connection, battery or alternator fault or short circuit, but the fact that it spontaneously cleared in inconsistent with anything I can think or, unless there is some form of self resetting trip switch?

The car is now running ok I think, wife to scared to drive as she worried the whole thing will go dead whilst she'd driving along the road.

Anybody had similar experiences or thoughts on what this might be?

Ford Focus - Ford Focus intermittent electrical failure - elekie&a/c doctor

If all the electrics were dead ,then I would suspect there is a bad connection to the battery and/or the earth leads where they bolt to the side of the inner wing.Take them off and give them a good clean.There is no self reseting trip switch.hth

Ford Focus - Ford Focus intermittent electrical failure - Rhyssb1

I know this was posted a while ago, but did you ever find out what the issue was? My 2006 2.0 focus did exactly the same thing today.

Thanks in advance


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