Volvo V60 - new car - dervlen

toyota auris 2.0d4d sr 62k on the clock, dealers say its worth £5500 -£6000

1 owner plus demo , fsh .

i,m putting on the miles 20k plus a year , comfort an safety i,m more interested in rather than speed , has to be diesel !

i,m keen on the new volvo v60 , peugeot 508sw , citroen c5 ( new model ) an like the new saab 9-5 ! ( even if they go bust , saab )

looking to keep for 4-6 years minimum , 100-120k

don,t think the auris will take that kind of treatment an i hate the firm ride now .

as previous post i like the old s60 ( i,ve seen couple of old low mileage ones on autotrader ) so could be tempted there too .

your comments an pearls of wisdom i,m seeking would be appreciated


Volvo V60 - new car - craig-pd130

I got a V60 D3 ES manual in June, 7000 miles up now and loving it.

Here's my owner's diary:


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