N./A - Speed Hump Damage - RaineMan

I was wondering if anybody has ever managed to claim compensation for damage caused by speed humps? Although I tend to drive over them very slowly as my car is rather low with firm suspension (by design not modification) I recently bottomed out badly on one as I had three people in the car compared to the usual one/two. This damaged both my stainless steel (lifetime guarantee) exhaust and the handbrake mechanism. I am convinced there must have been accidents caused by speed hump damage and now feel enforced lower limits are the answer rather than these obstructions!

Whilst I am in rant mode the other evening I was going over a series of humps when a Range Rover caught up with me. This idiot with a shoe size higher than his IQ then proceeded to flash his lights and sound his horn repeatedly. If he had engaged brain he would have noticed that I was driving a low slung coupe and not a 4x4. The silliest thing about it was that 20 yards later he turned off - moron!

N./A - Speed Hump Damage - martint123

Just picking one at random, have a read and measure your bumps.


N./A - Speed Hump Damage - barney100

I sympathise completely. I now take a longer route home to avoid the dreaded humps in Pack Lane Basingstoke. Vans, lorries, buses, taxis, 4x4 just ignore the humps and tailgate drivers who go carefully to avoid damage to their cars. Motorbikes have a weaving around the humps technique. Local council says it isn't anything to do with them now as the road policy is made by the county........


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