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I would appreciate some advice on a problem I've had with my Rover 75 Connoisseur CDTi. At the end of June I had a full service done at my local garage in the UK at 94000miles. 1500 miles later, when in the south of France, the low oil pressure warning light came on and it took 4litres to restore the level. On re-starting I noticed some blue smoke and when this increased I shut down and called Green Flag. The French garage diagnosed turbo failure and stated this was caused by a blocked PCV filter unit. Green Flag shipped out a new turbo that I found on Ebay and the garage fitted this together with a replacement filter unit.

On returning home I contacted my local garage who said (1) they had never heard of the PCV filter (2) they could not see how its blockage could have caused the turbo failure and (3) the turbo failure was “just one of those things”.

I'm out about £850 (not to mention a ruined holiday) and if the turbo failure was caused by negligence on the part of the UK garage I’d like the chance to get some or all of it back. (I have both the u/s turbo and the old filter unit). Can you advise if lack of servicing the PCV filter can cause turbo failure. If this is so, some references would be very helpful.

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Even if you can you find the evidence to support your argument it can be very difficult proving it was their fault. If it's a small independent garage then they will fight you in small claims and could result in you paying costs. Even if you are successful it can be hard to reclaim the money and can be a long drawn out experience. I have no legal experience, but I think this would be the case.

I had engine failure not long after a sevice and the new garage felt the initial garage had put the wrong viscosity oil in it, but I could never prove it.
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You have travelled a long way before it finally packed in the filter on its own in my opinion would not allow the engine to use so much oil , an oil seal failure in the turbo could be the cause and this could go anytime.As the above poster says you have very little chance of reclaiming your money but you could always try .

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A blocked PCV filter stopped the scavenge effect of the return oil feed form the turbo and thus the turbo seeps oil via it's bearing and burns it off in the engine. The damage to the turrbo was running very low on oil and the lack of pressure. Regards Peter


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