Now what? - eddie c

I drive a W reg Avensis, 165K on the clock. I've had it 10 years. I'm now doing 60 miles a day mainly on A roads it's showing its age and the fuel costs are biting.

I'd made up my mind to spend somewhere around 7 or 8K and get a 2 yr old used fiesta or focus diesel (possibly an econetic) as seeing as how I intend to keep the car 8-10 years I assumed the better economy and lower tax would be beneficial in the long run. However I'm now reading that the 1.6 diesel engines may give problems in the long term. So it looks like I may be back to square one.

Any thoughts on the above (or suggestions for alternatives) gratefully received.

Now what? - gordonbennet

60 miles a day A road commute, perfect Diesel mileage, if you research well there's no reason you should get any problems.

The Fords arn't my cup of tea, not for any mechanical reason i simply don't like them.

If your Toyota has been surprised if it hasn't Avensis are good cars, why not find your self a used Avensis (or Auris which i personally dislike the look of but is another good car) Diesel and enjoy a comfortable commute with slightly higher costs than the two you mention....which may well balance out seeing as you'll only be visiting the garage every 9k for a service (9k on most Toyota's as you know), and i see no reason why a 2 year old Avensis should cause you any problems for years.

Course you could come away from Diesel if you want, and buy something with LPG or get a cheaper petrol used car and get it converted, your mileage would make the payback time appear quickly....i run LPG and would do it again without hesitation, filled up last week @ 66p per litre, kerching.

Now what? - Bobbin Threadbare

For your criteria, specifiying a diesel, I had a peek on Autotrader and came up with a good few Ford Focuses, Golfs, a couple of Audi A4s and the Skoda Octavia. The latter may well be worth a look; reviews of it are favourable and it seems to have better running costs that an Audi or even the Golf to be honest. The Skoda Superb also comes up. These are about 2008 plate for £8k, low-ish miles. There's a few Saab 9-3s as well; a friend of mine has one and he loves it. It's pretty quiet for a diesel too. The Avensis is a decent workhorse though.

I had a petrol Focus so I can't comment on the diesel, but a 1.6 may feel underpowered. Cheap to fix and insure though. Tax is middling.

Now what? - SteveLee

How about a 1 year old KIA C'eed with 6 years of warranty left for £7,299?

You'll get a two year old Diesel C'eed in your proce range - I've driven one and they are good cars.

Now what? - Avant

If you want a VW-Audi Group diesel (VW, Audi, Skoda, SEAT), go for the 1.9 PD engine, or the newer common-rail diesel if your budget will run to it.

Avoid the 2.0 PD: some of these were fitted with duff injectors that fail after a few years. VW have been paying for replacements but it's still a hassle and you wouldn't get a reimbursement if the previous owner didn't have the car properly serviced.

In your position I think I'd look for a Skoda or a Toyota. Other Japanese makes' diesel engines haven't been as reliable as the petrols, particularly Mazda's.

Now what? - eddie c

Thanks for the input everyone. Having considered the alternatives, a kia c'eed looks a strong candidate in view of the initial cost, tax, economy and insurance. Also with the possibility of such a lengthy warranty left on the used car, it seems to be a better choice where peace of mind is concerned!

I guess one thing I need to know is if my twice daily 30mile 'A' road journeys, which take about 50-55minutes each way, will satisfy the criteria needed to keep a (ford 1.6?) diesel running sweetly? Or will it probably be the case that upon 3-4 years of the above, major bills will start to appear?

Am i simply being too analytical?

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Now what? - gordonbennet

If you get a Ceed 1.6 Diesel it will be warranted till aged 7 or reaches mileage restriction so long as it's been serviced properly, and if over 12 months or so old (check this for confirmation) will have neither DPF or DMF.


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