Mondeo Cold start - spar65
I have just purchased a 1999 V-plate Mondeo TD but I am finding it difficult to start first thing in the mornings, the engine turns and seems to splutter but cuts out, this will go on a good few more times as I crank the engine when finally it will spring to life and fires up very much like a flooded engine with plenty of smoke from the exhaust...

Once running it clears itself and runs perfect and clean, its also worth pointing out that through the rest of the day it doesn't seem to be a real problem to start only on the initial start up in the mornings..

I have just fitted new champion glowplugs without any benefit. I have also noticed on the Diesel pump their is 2 cables one of which is the accelerator and the other seems to go down to a module below the battery, this cable doesn't seem to work from cold or when ever the car is placed in reverse, apparently this could be a system that picks up the revs when reverse is selected or a waxstat? either way I havn't got a clue...

One more question is when the ignition is first turned on there seems to be a noise comefrom the pump for a couple of seconds like a selenoid running, but in my mind it doesn't sound quite right and is there such a thing on the pump called a cold start valve?

The car has done 94,000 mls and has been regulary serviced, Any suggestions would be much appreciated!!!

Many Thanks

Mondeo Cold start - BrianW
It does sound like glowplugs.
Although you have replaced them have you checked that there is a power supply to them. Possibly a faulty solenoid?
Mondeo Cold start - spar65
Thanks for the reply Brian.

I have tested for a supply and their definatly is a supply going to the Plugs, Do you mean the solenoid which bolts onto the pump brian?
Mondeo Cold start - Dizzy {P}
Did you see my posting of yesterday about difficult starting of Isuzu diesel engines? The symptoms were very similar to yours and the cause was closed-up valve clearances. Worth thinking about if you find that glow-plugs are not the cause.

Starting a diesel engine from cold needs very high gas compression to bring the fuel/air up to auto-ignition temperature because the cylinders are cold and so is the air entering them. Any air leakage past the valves or slight reduction in starter motor speed is likely to cause difficult cold starting. These things are far more important with diesel engines than with petrol.

Mondeo Cold start - spar65
Cheers for that Dizzy Thats worth thinking about!! I think its going to be a trip down the garage and not a self diagnosis on my behalf, I still can't help thinking that the other cable on the pump has something to do with cold starting, if I pull the lever that the cable is attached to the revs pick up!! Anyone got any ideas?

And I don't suppose in this model there is a interior fuse compartment? I know their is one under the bonnet by the battery but by the Manual their look like there should be one in the glove compartment, but their certainly isn't one in mine...

Mondeo Cold start - stevie nicks
the fuse box is located underneath the glove box. not actually in it. It can be opened using a pull switch, which is located next to it.
Mondeo Cold start - spar65
Cheers steve. I managed to located it after taking your advice after pulling out the glove box and everything seems ok in there..

I'm still trying to work out what the other cable is on the pump, What ever it is it doesn't work even if the car is placed in reverse with the engine running, I tried disconecting the the multiplug which connects to it under the battery tray and put a tester through it and there is definately life running through to it, but what ever it is which seems like a selenoid it doesn't work...

Mondeo Cold start - Dizzy {P}
You could be right about the second cable having something to do with cold starting. Some truck diesels that I was involved with had a separate cold-start (fuel enrichment) device on the fuel pump.

I don't know much about specific car diesels but there must be someone here who knows what the second cable is for on a Mondeo diesel, and what it should do.

By the way, the cold-start problem that I mentioned on Isuzu diesels is caused by valve seat sinkage into the aluminium 4-valve head, not the usual valve-into-seat sinkage. Different engine to your Mondeo of course, so I don't suppose for a minute that you are suffering the same problem.
Mondeo Cold start - spar65
Thanks for that Dizzy.

I'm still trying to work out what the second cable is on the pump, I'm sure its not for picking up the revs when the car is placed in reverse, it seems more like something to do with cold start like you said..

I disconected the multiplug which is the feed to the other cable, and it only shows a live supply only when the engine is running..

Mondeo Cold start - Troubled Tom
My 309 Diesel has a cable (similar to yours?) on a lucas/CAV pump which speeds up the revs for a cold start. Mine is attached to a seperate thermostat in the thermostat housing. If yours is a similar set up i would suggest it is the same.

Mondeo Cold start - BrianW
The solenoid attached to the pump should be the fuel cut-off.
If that is duff then you wouldn't get the engine to run at all.

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