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In March I was towing my horsebox 1000kg with a 700kg horse and a 200kg pony so below the towing capacity. I was on a motorway in 5th gear cruising along when I noticed thick black smoke coming out of the exhaust, next thing the car began to accelrate by itself, I came off at the next junction and it seemed fine, I got back on the motorway and shortly after it done the same again. I came off the motorway and the rev's went to 6000, I paniced and turned the engine off as I thought it was going to blow up, it was rolling down a hill and wouldn't start again but then started once I had stopped at the bottom.

The car went back to the garage I bought it from who believed air had got in to the fuel system, they contacted me to say everything was fine with the car. I have since used it in everyday driving and also towing. On Sunday 17th April, I noticed the rev's were idling at 1500 when usually it idles just below 1000. I started driving the car with the trailer on with the 200kg pony in and as I was approaching a dual carriageway in 3rd gear it started blowing black smoke out and again in 4th. My partner thought I was imagining it so he then drove, he got the same problem but thought there was a loss of power alongside the smoke. I have sent it in to the garage again.

Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be?

Mitsubishi Shogun Sport - Towing problems - ddr

I'm assuming it's a diesel?

Have a read of which will narrow down the problem. Also try a diesel specialist garage.

Revving by itself sounds like a busted turbo, leaking oil into the intake, which causes black smoke and revving.

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Sounds like a classic case of failed turbo oil seals, allowing oil to be sucked into the engine: which then runs on it .

More prevalent when engine oil is hot: and free flowing which it will be when towing..

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Mitsubishi Shogun Sport - Towing problems - deskguy

hello, it happens that I encountered the same problem with my father in law's Shogun Sport. My oppinion is that the problem is sensor based or electronic. Otherwise the car would not run fine again for a period. We didn't find a solution yet, the garage where we went changed the injection pump but after a week the same problems resurfaced. The other day it happened again - thick black smoke, severe drop of power, sounds corresponding to injection advance problems. Stopped the car then when I try to restart the engine revved itself but I turned it off before reaching 4000 rpm. It did the same a few times then I only put contact and push the throttle pedal to the floor a couple of times, turn contact off then in started fine like nothing happened. If it was the turbo it would blow smoke all the time and it would be bluish in colour not thick black. I hope we will eventually find solution. Excuse my english please.

Mitsubishi Shogun Sport - Towing problems - sam b

hi did you ever find the fault with your engine revving up on its own,inow have the same problem with my 2004 shogun sport, thanks..

Mitsubishi Shogun Sport - Towing problems - sam b

ps mine not turbo problem more like fuel pump , switch engine off and leave for a few minutes and it runs fine again..


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