Reversing Sensors - Stanley West
Re. your article on reversing sensors I think the Bosch system deserves a mention. Some months ago I had one fitted to my A Class Mercedes after tracing it on the Internet. Any Bosch agent will supply and fit, but it can be a DIY job if one chooses.
At £300 fitted it is rather rather expensive but it uses four sensors all mounted in the rear bumper and covers a wrap-around area to the side and rear of the car.
The visual indicator uses a series of green, amber, and red lights to indicate the proximity of obstructions to the rear and side rear of the car in addition to the usual aural warning,
I have found it to be extremely accurate and reliable and it has been an absolute boon in the A Class where rearward vision is poor.
When manoeuvring to park the ability to back up safely to within two or three inches of the car parked behind removes one of today's everyday problems and leaves one with a clear conscience.

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