Hyundai Tucson 2.00 CRDT Limited 2007 (56 plate) - Tyres and ESP - V69

Just acquired a 2007 Tucson 2.00 CRDT Limited on a 56 plate. Question one. It has come with a nearly new set of Nexen CP641 tyres. I believe the originals were Khumos. Nexen aren't a budget tyre but they're not up there with the best and the main reason I've gone for a 4x4 is to make life easier if we have another winter like the last two, so it's important that the tyres perform reasonably in slippery conditions. Has anyone any experience of these tyres in winter conditions? Question two. Does anyone know if this model incorporates ESP as there is no control for it or is fitted and permanently active with no manual override as in my wife's Vectra. The handbook doesn't help. It does have TCS which can be manually controlled if that's of any relevance. Any advice gratefully received and thanks.


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