Fiat Bravo 2007 - serviced or not? - jds45

In September I had my car serviced and MOT'd under a service package.

The problem i have is the service light on the car keeps flashing up and counting down the miles to next service. I have only done 2000miles since September.

Should this service counter have been reset when it was serviced (manually or automatically) or should i question if the service was carried out. the service book has been stamped.

Just want to get an idea before i ring them and get fobbed off.

Fiat Bravo 2007 - serviced or not? - piggy

If it was serviced by a Fiat garage,they would have re-set it.It seems it was done by an indie.,very few of which have the necessary (Fiat specific) re-set tool. You can take it to a Fiat dealer,who will re-set it for a fee,or you can simply ignore it. It will extinguish eventually. Being the cynic I am, I always check that the service has been done by checking the sump oil,filters etc. Thankfully my present Fiat garage is excellent.They seem to be weeding out the poor ones--and not before time.

Fiat Bravo 2007 - serviced or not? - jds45

Thanks for the reply. Will check with the garage to see if they can reset it.


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