Kwik Fit Oil Change/Costs/Oil Choice - peteH
Anyone had a oil change done at kwik fit? or Hometune. Any idea what oil they use as standard unless you "upgrade"

The Kwik Fit Website ( states:

"The Oil and Filter service that Kwik-Fit offer is known as Kwik-Lube This consists of: Draining the oil, Fitting a new oil filter,Refilling the oil sump with new Mobil Super Multigrade Oil"

However when you look further into the "special offers" page, it states "Kwik-Lube" at £18.00 (great quality multigrade oil providing great value for money), and offers "Mobil Super S" at £26.00 (A premium quality engine oil delivering improved protection and performance) and "Mobil 1" at £34.00 (The worlds most advanced engine oil and race proven. Delivers the ultimate in protection and improved fuel economy)

So it looks like the "Kwik Lube" service is the one to avoid - unless you want some cheap unknown oil in your car.

Not driving a F1 car (only Fiat Brava 1.4) I assume that Mobil 1 is an overkill (car 4 years old) - so imagine that Mobil Super S is the one to use!

Having said that there is no mention of Mobil Super S on the Mobil UK website - only Mobil 1. Does this mean that Super S has now been replaced by Mobil 1?

Anyone know anything else?

I already know that they use Coopers filters as replacements.

Kwik Fit Oil Change/Costs/Oil Choice - Boff
I did a little bit of research before letting Kwik Fit put Mobil Super S in my 406 v6 Coupe, was quite happy with what I found online:

"MOBIL SUPER S 10W-40 Extra high-performance semi-synthetic motor oil designed for engines of all petrol and diesel cars, light trucks and vans."
Taken from:


"Mobil Super S 10W-40 and Duchams QXR 10W-40 have been accepted for use during the warranty period and whilst not delivering the optimum performance of fully synthetic engine oil, they still exceed the performance requirements necessary to meet the Subaru warranty." Info supplied by Mobil


My wife says I don't listen to her, or something like that.
Kwik Fit Oil Change/Costs/Oil Choice - volvod5_dude
My local KwikFit in Worcester used Mobil 1 0-40 in my car, they pumped it out of a 40 gallon drum with the official Mobil 1 0-40 label on it, they also gave me a couple of litres free for topping up because I didn't have the filter changed (see a previus thread). I rang the Mobil technical helpline and they confirmed that KF is one of their larger customers. I've always found KF ok.
I would use the Kwik-Lube service for my old Series 3 Landrover, saves me getting my hands dirty!

Kwik Fit Oil Change/Costs/Oil Choice - BB
I had a Mobil 1 change for my Golf VR6 and they weren't too happy when they realised that it takes 6.25 litres of the stuff! Cheaper than doing it myself!
Kwik Fit Oil Change/Costs/Oil Choice - Dave N
Maybe I should take my Landcruiser there for it's 10.5 litres.

Didn't I see somewhere that they don't do diesels?
Kwik Fit Oil Change/Costs/Oil Choice - volvod5_dude
Mine's a diesel and it took 6.5lts, still £34 no quibbles.
Kwik Fit Oil Change/Costs/Oil Choice - Roger Jones
My VR6 (December 1996) handbook says 5.5 litres . . . ?

By coincidence, I popped into Kwik-Fit this afternoon to find out about their lube jobs. They weren't the slightest bit bothered at the prospect of using 8+ litres of Mobil 1 in my MB E320 Coupé; that's £70 retail, so no contest. They're always doing me small favours at no charge; if only their tyre prices were more competitive.
Kwik Fit Oil Change/Costs/Oil Choice - JL
My MB C200K has a substantial undertray in three sections that requires removing to access the sump plug. In adition, the sump is aluminium and has an ultra low torque value (20Nm) when retightening the sump drain plug. (I purchased a torque wrench to avoid the potential for stripped threads).

How do the Kwik Fit merchants remove old oil? MB agents use suction, but in conjunction with a flushing oil.

I prefer to use a high quality "semi" rather than a "fully syn'" oil as I change the oil every 5K. This gets shot of the suspended products of combustion more fequently than fully synthetic use, if costs are also taken into account. I agree "Fully" controls viscosity more precisely and for longer.

I would welcome your views
Kwik Fit Oil Change/Costs/Oil Choice - eMBe {P}
bearing in mind that "Speedy" of France are the same as "Kwik-fit" in UK, can someone with good knowledge of French look at

and tell me whether it is worthwhile having any of their " oil service: 1*, 2* or 3* options " work done in Calais.
Kwik Fit Oil Change/Costs/Oil Choice - bazza
bearing in mind that "Speedy" of France are the same as
"Kwik-fit" in UK, can someone with good knowledge of French look
and tell me whether it is worthwhile having any of their
" oil service: 1*, 2* or 3* options " work done
in Calais.

Looking at it briefly, the prices are roughly comparable, perhaps a bit more, but they are claiming to carry out various checks as well. Probably no harm in having it done if you happen to be over there - but why not buy fully synth in the hypermarket for about £12 to £15 for 5 litres, pick up a filter as well and do it yourself? Semi-synth is even cheaper, i always pick up a couple of 5 litre cans every time I visit France, about a fiver for £5 litres (yes, really!!!), saves me a fortune!

Kwik Fit Oil Change/Costs/Oil Choice - lezebre

one star oil change *doesn't* include the filter, I don't think I've ever seen that at a British lube joint.

to get the filter changed you have to take the two star menu, which also has a check on the charging system - alternator - thrown in.

three stars gets you all the above plus either diesel fuel filter, or spark plugs if you're one of the declining numbers in France who burn petrol, and an emmissions check on either fuel type.

what really seems fine value is that as well as several safety checks, which we're accustomed to here, Speedy in France are offering free top ups of anti-freeze and brake fluid and up to a litre of screenwash. And although not much use to us visitors, but handy for natives who seldom open their bonnets, if you keep the receipt you can call back twice to have the oil checked with free replenishment if needed.And all the last mentioned even on the 27 euro tariff.

got to go I'm holding up someone's homework.

Kwik Fit Oil Change/Costs/Oil Choice - eMBe {P}
You can find detailed product data sheets of all Mobil oils
(full link, in case shorter link fails, is )

Products covered by the data sheets:
Passenger Car Engine Oils
Mobil 1
Mobil 1 0W-40
Mobil 1 Diesel
Mobil HD Series
Mobil Super Diesel Series
Mobil Super S Diesel Series
Mobil Super S Series
Mobil Super Series
Mobil Super XHP Series
Kwik Fit Oil Change/Costs/Oil Choice - smokie
I had the £34 worth in the Omega, good value. They tried to persuade me that there was "evidence" of a "quite serious" oil leak. My mechanic says he can't see any evidence except where they may have spilt a bit during the refill.
Kwik Fit Oil Change/Costs/Oil Choice - kithmo
I would not trust kwik fit to change their overalls let alone my oil....

[snippette. M.]

...better going to Ford Dealer \"Rapid fit\" they do an oil and filter change for £19.99 using Fords own 5W 30 oil which is good for all but older engines.
Kwik Fit Oil Change/Costs/Oil Choice - dave18
Kwik Fit are good for simple things such as tyres and oil changes. Thats about it.
Mobil 1 does make a difference.
Oil Change/Costs/Oil Choice - Bats
These 3 anecdotes relate to a [fast fit chain] depot in Aberdeen. My wife used it a few times because it was over the road from where she worked and was very convenient.

Story 1 - Clio into [fast fit chain] for new front discs due to warping. On getting the car home I had a cursory glance in the wheelarches and on one side there was grease everywhere - a right mess. One of two things has happened here - either the driveshaft gaiter was bust before the car went in, and the mechanic failed to notice it/report it or the mechanic damaged the gaiter carrying out the work and either didn\'t notice or chose not to say anything.

Story 2 - Same visit as above, the car was booked in first thing in the morning and was promised to be ready by lunchtime when my wife needed it. At lunchtime wife phones up to ask if the car is ready - to be told by the guy \'oh its up on the ramp as we speak and will be about another hour\'. She is standing in her office talking on the phone and looking out of the window where she can see her car parked in the carpark exactly where she left it that morning. Trustworthy outfit?

Story 3 - My wife put her clio into the same [] depot for an oil and filter change, which they did on a Wednesday. On the Saturday I was filling up her washer bottle and noticed the oil filler cap sitting on the inner wing and oil all over the engine and underside of bonnet soundproofing - also the smell was awful where it had run onto the exhaust manifold. I checked the dipstick and it was just below minimum. Filled with oil, replaced cap and took back to the depot - manager took a look at it and offered to get the engine cleaned. We declined his offer due to the fact that we didn\'t trust our property to be left in his care. The car had chucked out about a litre of oil in 2 days use, so I would guess that the engine would have seized in maybe a week and a halfs use if the problem hadn\'t been spotted. Do you think that the manager would have admitted responsibility or accused us of having removed the cap to top the oil up and forgot to put it on again afterwards? Anyones guess really. I consider we were lucky on this occasion. I know that these tales may not be typical of the Company in general, but I would advise anyone who does use this type of service to check the oil level/filter/oil cap immediately on collecting the car because you really don\'t know the level of expertise of the fitter. Personally, I would not trust this company with my property ever again.
Kwik Fit Oil Change/Costs/Oil Choice - eMBe {P}

The moral of your stories could be:

a. At fast-fit centres of any type, only have work done that you can observe as you wait for it to be done.

b. If bitten once, avoid the same outlet next time.

c. The Aberdeen outlet is badly run, and you should report it to HQ as per their instructions printed on every receipt.

d. Or is it that customers who allow blatant lies (i.e. "car on ramp" when it was not) to go unchallenged are the mugs who end up paying most.

Kwik Fit Oil Change/Costs/Oil Choice - johnny l.
A few stories of Kwik-Fit :

8< 8< snip

Sorry johnny l, too much naming and shaming to allow your post to remain present.

Dynamic Dave
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Kwik Fit Oil Change/Costs/Oil Choice - volvod5_dude
>>Mobil 1 does make a difference.

I agree, after 5k miles the Mobil 1 0-40 fully synthetic oil in my Volvo D5 (diesel)is still very clean and transparent, it hasn't gone all black which oil usually does in diesels.

Kwik Fit Oil Change/Costs/Oil Choice - nick
Is this a good thing? If the oil hasn't gone black, where have all those fine particulates gone? I think they are combustion by-products which are too small for the filter to trap and that the function of a lubricant is to keep them in suspension so that they do not deposit out somewhere in the engine and sludge it up.
Does this mean that your engine is now running cleaner, or that fully synthetic oil somehow allows the filter to trap this black stuff? Anyone have any ideas?
BTW I use synthetic too, and the engine certainly feels smoother and quieter though this may just be the placebo effect, and yes, the oil does seem to be cleaner.


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