Ford Focus Zetec Climare 05 - head gasket - focused05

Very soon after buying my 05 Focus 1.6 Zetec Climate 2 years ago I experienced engine problems and was recovered by tow truck . The breakdown man told me that one of the spark plugs had blown out of the engine and wasxsplit in two. The dealer I had bought it from expressed surprise but after a check in his garage he replaced the full set of plugs which was apparently the only problem.he could find.
Six months ago on turning the ignition key I heard a bang coming from under the bonnet and lost everything.
On this occasion no.s 1&2 plugs had blown out and there was orange coloured water splashed under the bonnet.
This time the breakdown people took me at my request to their own garage where they removed the cylinder head rebored the plug seating, fitted new gaskets, bolts, cam belt and satisfactorily tested it. It cost me over £1,200 for the repairs.
I have now discovered the 05 model was the first of the new shape Focus and is fitted with a Mazda engine which does not have an engine cover, subsequently rain water gets through to the cylinder head and is a well known problem. The main Ford dealer for my area informs me Ford know of this defect but have done nothing about it.
Can anyone advise me of any practical way in which I can waterproof the top of the engine or indeed any precaution I can take to avoid this happening again. ?

Ford Focus Zetec Climare 05 - head gasket - tdc

If it`s a problem with an ingress of rainwater being trapped so that it pools around the spark plugs then you need to mop up existing water before removing all four plugs.Making sure that there are no objects which can fall or be sucked into the engine through the plug holes,turn engine over on the key to blast any residual crud away.Wipe area dry with paper towel/cloth,clean spark plug threads and smear a top quality,high heat-resistant silicone RTV gasket compound on the last few threads of the spark plugs(DO NOT COAT ALL THE THREADS,JUST TOP 4 NEAREST THE INSULATOR)Refit plugs immediately,torque them up,leave overnight and off you go.

Ford Focus Zetec Climare 05 - head gasket - focused05

That sounds good thank you I will get cracking tomorrow - weather permitting


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