Citroen C5 1.8 LX petrol - citroen c5 petrol and anti polution warning - bagpuss42

Hi, whilst driving down the motorway yesterday the little orange engine warning light lit up. The car seems to be fine with no odd driving faults or issues. The hand book states its an antipolution fault and i should contact citroen ASAP, is this realy the case? or can i just disconnect the battery and clear the light!!

help or advice would be appreciated.

Citroen C5 1.8 LX petrol - citroen c5 petrol and anti polution warning - mike137

I suffered this problem several times when towng. It appears that it is caused by a build of of carbon in the system. The EGR return pipe ( chrome pipe top right hand side of the engine), sticky turbo blades to mention the main offenders. This problem eventually causes a loss of power when under load.

My service garage reccomended cleaning out the EGR tube which was full of carbon and adding a system cleaning fluid to the fuel then giving the car a good blast up the road to get things moving. It did the trick.

Diesel engine oil contains a detergent property which it meant to keep the system clean. It would appear that Citroen have recognised this to be the problem as they have now reduced the service interval from 20,000 miles to 10,000 miles to rectify this. It also important to use the correct viscosity engine oil. It has taken Citroen along time to wake up to this!!!

Hope this helps


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