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Hello all.

I have recently bought a 2006 Honda CRV Mk2 2.2 CDTi. It was a company car driven by a neighbour of mine, I bought it direct from the lease company.

I am looking at doing a service and have come across conflicting information regarding engine oil spec.

The user manual states that the preferred oil is 0W-30 fully synthetic to a minimum of ACEA A1/B1. It also allows for other viscosities upto 10W-40. This information is repeated in the Haynes manual.

When I asked at the local Honda dealer, I was told that they use 10W-40 semi-synthetic oil.

I also found a 1 litre top-up bottle of oil in the boot, 10W-40 semi-synthetic. The previous owner told me that he was given one of these following each main-dealer service (although he generally used it in his lawn mower as the car didn't need topping-up).

Does anyone know what oil is best used in this engine (I guess it's the same in the Accord CDTi also)?

Any advice gratefully received.

Honda CR-V - Engine Oil Advice - eddie12

Have a look here;**=9024084&contentId=7044829

Honda CR-V - Engine Oil Advice - eddie12

Sorry, that link doesn't seem to work, but hopefully this one might; (If not, Castrol recommend Edge 0-30W);**=9024084&contentId=7044829

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The dealership in Taunton where my sister gets her CRV serviced uses Mobil 1 5W-30 diesel oil. When she bought the car from the Dealership in Cardiff it came with a bottle of 5w-30 Castrol Edge. Think either will be fine as they are both excellent quality oils.

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All of the above are suitavble for your diesel motor, as an engineer, I have complained to castrol on numerous occasions from 2004 to 2008 about their labelling on their MAGNATEC DEISEL 4tlr. it decribes the oil as synthetic. oil...its not....its SEMI - synthetic, this confuses the purcheser into thinking the oil is FULLY synthetic, Castrol stated to me that nowhere on the container does it state the oil is FULLY SYNTHETIC but agreed that it needed to be changed as it was confusing, so since 2008, Castrol Magnatec 4ltr states ..SEMI-SYNTHETIC oil on their containers. personnaly, unless you flush the engine with a flushing oil, i would stick with the oil the previous owner has been using.

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The recommended oil for this engine is ACEA B1 0W30 synthetic as you say, and Honda UK used to produce leaflets recommending Castrol Edge in that spec.

But, if you look at the chart in the manual you can use B3 0W40 noting that it might affect your fuel consumption.

I use Mobil 1 synthetic ACEA B3 B4 0W40 (about £24 for 4 litres at Costco) . It doesn't seem to affect economy and I would have been surprsied if it had. I change it between services and the filter too, which isn't ludicrously expensive and is very easy to get at (you need, from memory, a 74mm socket with 14 flats).

I wouldn't use anything other than full synthetic top quality oil in this engine (or any modern turbo diesel). Mine has now done about 83,000 miles on this regime and uses little oil - maybe half a litre between changes, not enough to drop below minimum.

Honda CR-V - Engine Oil Advice - Manatee

Correction to the above post - it's a 76mm/14 flats socket, mine has a 3/8" drive.

Honda CR-V - Engine Oil Advice - Collos25

A main agent will recomend any oil he has delivered in bulk and is in his tanks,it will not make the slightest difference what grade you use.

Honda CR-V - Engine Oil Advice - Manatee

>>,it will not make the slightest difference what grade you use.

I can't believe you mean that Andy...why do they bother producing all those different grades? A Honda agent putting "semi-syth" (a euphemism for "whatever's in the big tank") in this engine is very naughty and I doubt Honda UK would be very happy to hear about it.

Honda CR-V - Engine Oil Advice - Collos25

I do mean it Honda like most main agents have their oil delivered in vast quantities vat oil and normally have two grades one for petrol engines and one for diesels,You do not think they have a stock room full of different types of oil in 5 litre canisters different names on them.

Have a look round the back of a main agents sometime .

They do not use a product that will damage your engine but they also do not stock numerous different grades, normally 5-30 semi sythetic is the oil of choice.

Straying slightly a friend of mine now retired used to do the accounts of a lot of garages one in particular still trading showed it had done so many services but only used enough oil and filters to do half the amount.I would not trust a main agent as far as I could throw them.Know doubt there are good ones but in all my rears of running company cars plus my own I have never come across one.

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Honda CR-V - Engine Oil Advice - Manatee

I don't dispute what some main agents do, it was your *advice" that grade will make no difference that I was questioning - it's frankly irresponsible to give advice like that unless you give reasons, and I'm quite certain that Honda won't agree with you.

I was assured by the Honda dealer who serviced mine that they used the recommended Edge oil on the diesels, and that's what it said on the invoice.

Honda CR-V - Engine Oil Advice - Collos25

I am talking about the difference between 0-30 and 0-40 not any old oil sorry if I didn't make myself clear.

Honda CR-V - Engine Oil Advice - Manatee

Apologies - I have to agree as I am using 0W-40! (which is within the handbook options).

Honda CR-V - Engine Oil Advice - merlinauto

Thanks for all of the above comments, they seem to support my current thinking where main dealers are concerned.

I normally use Comma oils. Comma recommend Pro-Tech 5W-30. This is a fully synthetic oil, ACEA A5 B5. I guess that this '5' rating (a combination of economy and performance according to the Oilman's read-only summary) would be OK for this engine.

Any further comments welcome, I'm planning to do the oil change in August.

BTW there is a slight 'bad bearing' moan coming from the pulley end of the engine. Does anyone know of any common causes of this? (It does not change with aircon on/off).


Honda CR-V - Engine Oil Advice - xtrailman

Is the belt too tight?

Personally i think semi synthetic oil is good enough, i would only use full if on a "on demand" maintenance programme.

Honda CR-V - Engine Oil Advice - Peter D

Aux belt tensioner bearing or cam belt tensioner. Regards Peter

Honda CR-V - Engine Oil Advice - focussed

Aux belt tensioner bearing or cam belt tensioner. Regards Peter

It can't be the cam belt because it's a chain cam engine. More likely to be the bearing in the flat poly vee tensioner pulley at the top of the motor to the left of the oil filter housing as you stand looking at the front of the car.

The standard oil grade as stated in the handbook will probably be 5 w-30 synthetic, Honda subsequently stated in later service bulletins that their preferred viscosity would be a 0w-30 again fully synthetic for the 2.2 CDTI motor. Mobil 1 0w-30 fits the bill nicely.

Honda CR-V - Engine Oil Advice - sargan

I went to my Local Honda Dealer .... I can confirm they use SAE 0W-30 oil ..... it is bulk tank, but that is only oil they use in the Diesels.

Honda CR-V - Engine Oil Advice - dieselnut

' When I asked at the local Honda dealer, I was told that they use 10W-40 semi-synthetic oil. '

Just another reason to do the oil changes yourself. It is a similar situation with the VW PD engines. They need a particular grade of oil due to the PD injectors reducing the width of the cams. Even some VW dealers donj't put in the correct oil. So many thousands of miles down the road you get wierd problems & eventually need a now cam & followers, but out of warranty by then of course.

Honda CR-V - Engine Oil Advice - likerocks

The guys on the TypeAccord forum are rabidly in favour of 0W oil. It apparently helps reduce the likelihood of cam chain issues...


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