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I'm about to trade in my Mondeo, and want it looking as good as possible. There are two problem areas and I'm looking for low cost solutions.

Paint on the alloys has flaked off in places and I'm wondering if there's a cheap/easy way to respray or recondition them - or am I better off losing a few quid off the part ex?

Second, the front seats have some old stains on them, almost like watermarks. Does anyone know of a cleaner/fluid which might get rid of these old stains?

Cleaning my part ex - gramar


I don't know how old your Mondeo is but yesterday I collected a new 'second-hand' car from a main dealer having traded in my 11 year old Polo TDI month ( I owned it for 8 years). It was washed and polished about a month ago and was looking in need of a clean again. There was also a large water stain on the rear nearside seat where soemone left the window open all night allowing the rain in. The appearance of the car made no diffrerence to the P/X valuation. The salesaman could see through the grime and was more interested in it's history ( I had every receipt, old MOT etc;) In fact I got a very good deal and so far are very pleased with my ' new' Suzuki Ignis.

Cleaning my part ex - Victorbox

For the watermarks I'd go over seats with something like Groom from Halfords making sure you dampen the seat panel right out to a seam.

For the alloys see scroll down to "in the wheel arches" section then "refurb painted alloys".

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