toyota corolla - diagonal hatches (ghost island) accident - chrisminn
Few days ago I was involved in accident with the other car. Basically I was behind the car that supposed to turn left (indicating), instead he drove right on to ghost island (diagonal hatches). Because I had free way in front of me I continued to drive straight ahead, all of a sudden the car that was on my right sharply turned left, blocking the road. In result my front right wing and the bumper got smashed the other had a dent in passenger door.
Driver from the other car accused my of causing the accident claiming that lorry drivers do this kind of maneuvers when turning left. His car was not a lorry only Citroen Berlingo. Because I have only third party insurance what are the chances of recovering costs of the repair to my vehicle, and in general what should I do, to best handle my case? Should I hire accident management company?
toyota corolla - diagonal hatches (ghost island) accident - safedriver

Any chance of giving the location?

The only thing you did was undertake. Was that reasonable?

The other guy was in the hatched area with no good reason, if he didn't see you he couldn't have looked properly and would almost certainly have not seen cyclists/motorbikes etc.

I have a feeling that you'll need to fight the insurance company who'll want to apportion blame to both parties. Common sense says you should get something out of it, but since when did common sense come into insurance?

Hopefully someone else will give you some definitive advice. Good luck with it.


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