01 1.6 Creaking suspension ?? What could it be? - Nikkita
Hi there
I recently had 2 new front tyres fitted to my Focus (no grip in the snow) and when I was driving home I heard a bad creaking from the nearside when I turned left. I went back to garage next day to ask if they could tell me why it started after they had fitted tyres, his answer was to spray the front suspension with WD40 and send me on my way.

Now after 2 weeks of driving just locally, my car sounds like i'm driving 'an old metal bedstead'..it creaks really badly on all turns now and I can even hear it on straight roads, although not as loud. Could this be the anti roll bar bushes have been damaged, or messed up with the salt & grit from snow or something much worse & am I causing more harm by continuing to drive it ?? .. Any suggestions would be much appreciated

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01 1.6 Creaking suspension ?? What could it be? - Dynamic Dave
This really needs looking at ASAP. No good trying to guess as it could be any number of things - eg, bent wishbone if it was incorrectly jacked up, broken spring, etc.

If you've got no confidence with the place that fitted the tyres, then take it somewhere else. If they confirm something was damaged when the tyres were changed, you would then need to pursue a claim against the tyre garage that did the work and prove it was them.
01 1.6 Creaking suspension ?? What could it be? - Nikkita
I'll call a garage tomorrow, I'm sure something did happen when it was in their hands.
Thanks Dave


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