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02 1.4 constant flat battery! - bigtamb
hi my next door neighbour is always at my door for a jump start he says every time he charges his battery its always dead again in the morning.he has put a brand new alternater in and bought two new batterys and its still the same.
I had a look at it and put a 20amp tester on it to see how much currant it was drawing and it blew the fuse!.
I traced it back to one of the heavy wires at the battery that is connected to the power steering when i disconnected the wire the battery only drew 0.25amps and everything worked on the car apart from the power steering which now has the little sign on the dash lit up.
when i connect it back up the light goes out could it be a faulty pump motor? i dont think the torque sensers would cause it to draw more than 20amps! also the lights flicker when you turn the steering,has anyone had the same problem.

thanks tom.
02 1.4 constant flat battery! - WorkshopTech
Well I think youve found the problem. Its an eight year old car and things wear out and go wrong....
02 1.4 constant flat battery! - JonathanS
Same model, same year, same problem! I blew the fuse on my multimeter too. Only difference is that TWO of the heavy wires from the battery (2nd and 3rd from left on fuse plate) are drawing heavy current. If I leave both of them disconnected, the entire ignition system is dead and instrument panel is completely blank.

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