Car supermarket pricing - geoff
Is there ANY room for manoevre on/in these prices.
Looking to buy used @ £15,000 but wonder if I can squeeze a few hundred of their list.
Note that OTE earnings for sales people at trade centre are £35,000 but do not want to contribute too much to this as I will be self selecting my car and I do not see where the SALES value is otrher than trying to get you to buy a warranty.
Re: Car supermarket pricing - honest john
Car supermarkets usually operate on a tiny margin of £250 - £500. (This is tiny when you consider the cost of transporting the cars to the supersite and all the paperwork.) But what can happen (rarely) is that the site gets caught out with overage stock of something or other, so loses any profit on those cars merely to get rid of them before they become a liability.

Re: Car supermarket pricing - harry
If you can find an XK8 for 15 grand, have it! I used to drive one and it was superb. Better to go for the XKR long term though as the gear box is tougher.

If you want sometyhing special why not try an importer rather than car super sites? At the sites most new cars are NOT uk spec. Used cars are regularly thrashed ex fleeters from my experience.

On the import side though you can specify full UK spec and save a mint. How about a SAAB 9-3 Aero for £16k instead of £25k ! That includes about a grand worth of extra kit over and above uk spec too. Or a nice Alfa 147 Selespeed for £15k with full leather, metalic paint, 17" sports alloys, climate and of course the same F1 paddle shift technology as the Ferrari 360 Modena.
Re: Car supermarket pricing - David Woollard

Funny places these car supermarkets. Some folk claim to have ended up with the cheapest cars on the planet, others left well unimpressed.

By normal family standards £15,000 is a serious amount of money for a used car. You can get something nice a year old or go back to three years old and get something quite special.

I assume you have sold your old car privately, because these guys don't want it. Those that may consider a trade in will do so at a price that will negate any savings on their car.

You might find their stock levels are so large as to make the choice bewildering, and as you comment there is the warranty sales pitch. Many will disagree but I think most serious faults will show up quite quickly on a used car. Then if you maintain it properly the risk of "warranty type" faults is minimised. If you go for a warranty look at the small print first, no good paying £400 for something that excludes everything that is likely to go wrong. Might as well keep the cash for all those things you will need that are not included in the warranty...tyres, exhaust, brake pads, servicing etc.

If you already have concerns about these places why not get a feel for their prices then visit the main dealers with no trade in and cash in hand, you may well find some are willing to go very close indeed to get your business.

And at £15,000 you want a bit of pampering when doing the deal, well at least two cups of machine tea (sorry the coffee is out).

I know you want to save that last few hundred pounds but do bear in mind your £15,000 car will depreciate at such a rate that your extra discount will be a small factor in the running costs over the next three years. Much better to get the right car.

Only my opinion!

Re: Car supermarket pricing - geoff
Thanks for replies.
Was looking to get something "special" ie probably Merc or Jag to last till it drops.
Needless to say looking for quality car with low depreciation and low running costs.
Recognise that insurance and servicing are likely to be next biggest bills as likely mileage not to be in ecxces of 8000 per year unlesw we go touring in France .
Any advice on best buys from you professionals would be welcome.
Current idea is Merc 2.o automatic but what about new Rover 75.

At price new Kia looks good value but depreciation likely to be a killer!!!

Ran Daewoo Leganza as co car so did not have to worry about depreciation!!!! but very happy with it
Re: Car supermarket pricing - Nigel Yeung
My recently retired Dad - after 40 years of economy cars new and second hand (sacrifices in bringing up 4 children!) - finally bought a EU imported Mercedes SLK230.

It makes sense:
Low Deprecation
Low petrol consumption
Small - so easier to drive - will not dent the corners so often!

I recommend pre-2000 C-Class as boring but excellent vehicles.
Both our C200 Sprt Estate and C200 Saloon were excellent and stronger than the E200 W210.
Re: Car supermarket pricing - honest john
Big Jags are still dropping fast. You can already have an XK8 for your money, but you'll get a much better, newer one for the same spend in November.

Re: Car supermarket pricing - geoff
Not sure if this was a typo but an XK for £15,000 ???

Do you mean a XJ

Re: Car supermarket pricing - David
Have been thinking about 1.6 Ghia Ford Focus from car supermarket for £9999 against 1 year old 1.6 Zetec Focus from a dealer for same price. Can't work out where the catch is. Any offers?

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