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02 1.8 Non start Diesel - geordiesteve
Hi, I am a new poster to the forum.

I'm having trouble starting my Focus 1.8 TDDI, since changing the glowplugs last week.

In order to gain access to the plugs, I had to unscrew the metal injector pipes at the unions and move them slightly to the side. I fitted the plugs without too many problems, screwed everything back together only to find that the car cranks over fine, but will not start.

I have checked fuses and relays etc, bled the injector pipes at the unions and a small amount of fuel seemed to be oozing from them so I tightened them all back up, but the car still won't fire into life. If I spray easystart into the intake, the car starts and dies after a couple of seconds and won't 'catch' if I boot the gas pedal. There are no warning lights on the dash while I'm cranking, the glow plug light comes on and goes off as before and plugs have been tested with a continuity meter and checks out fine and no unburnt fuel traces are eminating from the tailpipe, so I think this must be some kind of fuelling issue. I've drained the battery numerous times trying to get the car to start.

Any help greatly appreciated!
02 1.8 Non start Diesel - fastbysuzuki
it sounds like you have air locked the system try losening the fuel pipe nuts on the injectors and hand tighten them, crank the engine over better get someone to do it for you and watch for fuel comming from the nuts give it a few more cranks and tighten the nuts up whilst still cranking with a bit of luck it should fire up let us know how you go on

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02 1.8 Non start Diesel - geordiesteve
Thanks for your speedy reply! It sounds alot like what I've been trying, albeit with little success in getting it started. How much fuel should I be looking for coming from the joints? When I'm trying this, the fuel appears to be weeping out, rather than spurting. Does this sound about right?

I've been worrying that the fuel pump had packed in, having read some horror stories on other forums, although I can't understand how I'd have managed to break that just by fitting glow plugs, although I'm not hearing the 'buzz' that people mention that I should be hearing when turning on the ignition - not sure I ever did hear anything to be honest.
02 1.8 Non start Diesel - oldun

Check my post on same car and have same probs?

My car just died after starting after 3 weeks standing and hasn't run since, was perfect before!

I have done the same as you have, a dribble from the fuel injector pipes is what I get, use 'easy start' also called start you b****** and runs till easy start is used up, 5 seconds!..so that tells me that mechanically things are sound????

Today had another go and took out an injector and hey, no spray!!!!!!!!!

So question is:-

1. How much dribble should we be getting from the injector pipe.

2.Should there be a pressure there on the pipe, when I hold my finger on the end of the pipe there's no pressure at all.

3.I remember that in line pumps had a plunger that forced the pressure up is it still the same?

Why I won't take it to a Ford agent is becuase I have read other p[eople's experineces of useless mechanics that give 'invoices' ONLY???..and still the car does not run?...so I continue to get my car started!!

I have been thinking the system out and I see it as follows:

1.fuel is in tank.

2.injector pump also contains the suction/lift pump

3.I pressurised the fuel system through the tank with compressed air doing away with lift pump, this brought up fuel to filter till no bubbles, then bled pump.

4.Okay with fuel to pump all i now do is bleed through injectors, this I also did.

5.But connecting the injector outside the cylinder block, no b***** fuel is sprayed.


6.If the pump at fault and sounds like it can I strip it clean it etc.

I have two cars so I am ready to spend time on this?..ans will never EVER give it a garage.

02 1.8 Non start Diesel - oldun

One other question, could any sensors around the car be causing the problem, could the ECU be an arch villain in all of this?..could it be something simple?

Is there anyone out there that can speak from experience and be POSITIVE, my replies apart from a couple are just from mental institutions.


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