Worst Budget Tyre? - Wurzel83
Over the last couple of years, whenever I have invested in a new pair of tyres I have allways done a bit of research before buying - reviews, asking friends, forums etc. The company car drivers say: "your tyres are the most important part of the vehicle as they are the only contact between your car and the ground - only buy the best you can afford" The Lexus owners said: "My IS200 came with those Nankangs and I upgraded to Michelins after nearly skidding into a hedge".

But what if money is a problem? What if your not keeping the car long? What if your just pooteling around the town in a Citreon 2CV? In this case, and as millions of us do every year, you buy the budget tyres!

There are so many different brands out there though and it can often be hard to know which one to go for. Some people would say that a budget is a budget and you get what you pay for - I disagree. There are brands which have been out there for a decade or 2 and are owned or manufactured by the big tyre companies - Tigar, Marshal, Sava etc. There are brands which are relatively new to this country, that you have never heard of (mainly chinese).

Some fitters cant guarentee what brand they will have until the day they are fitted. All fitters claim their budgets are the best. So how does the average person know that they are buying buying the "dodgy" brand that only just meets British standards? What do we avoid and when do we say yes please?

My worst budget tyres: Federal Super Steel 25.99 each 185/65/14 on a Ford Escort.
My best budget tyres: Kormoran (owned by Michelin) 32.95 each same size and car

Anyone else like to share their experiences?
Worst Budget Tyre? - Rattle
One thing with tyres just because a big company may own the brand it dosn't mean they are any good. I tend to buy medium range tyres for my car but do research first.
Worst Budget Tyre? - Altea Ego
I once put a set of dunlop SP sports on my fiat 131 supermirifiori.

They were lethal in the wet. The instant understeer/oversteer was entertaining but the lockup under gentle braking was seat staining scary
Worst Budget Tyre? - gordonbennet
My son bought a E28 528 BMW for a short time, it came with a set of new Corsa tyres, he spent most time correcting the slides unless the road was bone dry.

Almost worst tyres on my cars were Michelin ZX's years ago on the Ventora, they were lethal in the wet, replaced them with the then new Goodyear unisteel, transformed the car.

Even worse were the US tyres fitted to my Camaro possibly Generals, 4 wheel steering it felt like, again the car was transformed by fitting good stuff.

Some budget tyres can be excellent, and some expensive ones poor you have to do your research, in the dry any old thing will do even bald, it's when it gets wet and cold you find out which is which.
Worst Budget Tyre? - Hamsafar
I like to save money, so read a lot of stuff about budget tyres.
Ling Long subjectively seemed the worst.
There was a stack reprints of an Autocar article in my tyre shop of an article about them. I think it was this (in PDF format). The tyre size in the article is the same as mine, and in the end I got a good deal on Uniroyals for £60 (now owned by Continental). It hardly seemed worth the £10-20 saving on each tire for the cheapest budget and for a decent budget such as Kumho the saving is a couple of pound.

tinyurl.com/d8hr8d {Link to www.conti-online.com shortened to restore page width to correct proportions}

which is much easier to read after printing due to the layout and fontsize

EDIT why is f0nt s1ze swearing? {Because it can also be used as HTML code to increase the size of text

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Worst Budget Tyre? - AlastairW
Agreed that Federals are the worst. I draed getting a puncture in one of my matched set of Firestones, as the spare is still a Federal - I will treat it like a spacesaver, I think.
Worst Budget Tyre? - gordonbennet
Thanks for that reference Hams, results fairly predictable, but the difference is astounding, one thing really stood out, the Golf on one of the ditchfinder tyres was still doing 27.8mph at the point where the Conti equipped car had stopped in a wet brake test.

Pity it's those of us unlikely to fit rubbish are the ones most likely to read and remember such test results.

Worst Budget Tyre? - mike hannon
>Almost worst tyres on my cars were Michelin ZX's years ago on the Ventora, they were lethal in the wet<

I'll second that. The XZXs on my new Accord in far-off '82 were an absolute menace in the wet. They wore very slowly, so I guess that made them brilliant in some people's opinion, but I felt obliged to mention how dreadful they were in the wet when I turned the car in two years later.
Worst Budget Tyre? - DP
I once put a set of dunlop SP sports on my fiat 131 supermirifiori.
They were lethal in the wet.

Couldn't agree more, AE, and bathtub tom below.

These too are the worst tyres I have ever experienced, and that includes many budget / unheard of brands.

They just did not grip in the wet. At all. Awful, awful things.

Big brand names don't necessarily equal quality.

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Worst Budget Tyre? - Roly93
I once put a set of dunlop SP sports on my fiat 131 supermirifiori. They were lethal in the wet. The instant understeer/oversteer was entertaining but the lockup under gentle braking was seat staining scary

The leaso companies always use to fit these as they never used to wear out !
Worst Budget Tyre? - Wurzel83
One thing with tyres just because a big company may own the brand it dosn't
mean they are any good. I tend to buy medium range tyres for my car
but do research first.

Correct. A good example of that is here:


15 Tyres (budget through to premium) were tested and Marshal (not owned by one of the big tyre manufacturers) came 3rd overall
Worst Budget Tyre? - bathtub tom
I refuse to buy anything with the Dunlop or SP brand name on it.

I thought I wouldn't be able to post this, due to the 'naming and shaming' policy' but I see AE got away with it.

I had three consecutive cars fitted with these brands. They all suffered from some kind of distortion or defects. I sent three back for examination and guess what? They all came back as 'no manufacturing defect'.

In all, I binned seven apparently good tyres.

My current car came with Dunlops fitted. My heart sunk, but they manged to reach 28K before I replaced them.

It'll be a very long time before I buy any more.
Worst Budget Tyre? - Marc
"for a decent budget such as Kumho"

A colleague of mine rates these very highly. They also seem to get good mentions elsewhere on the internet. Not tried them myself however.

The Autocar report is interesting reading. I personally wouldn't touch the likes of Linlong or Wanli tyres. I've also seen Changsheng and 'Goodride' tyres fitted to cars, I'm guessing these are similar.

Interesting that the cost difference per tyre in the report was £25 - what price safety?
Worst Budget Tyre? - henry k
>>"for a decent budget such as Kumho"

>>A colleague of mine rates these very highly. They also seem to get good mentions elsewhere on the internet.
I opted for Kumhos after some web searches. I am very pleased with them.
They are very very quiet after the Fateo that were on my Mondeo when I bought it S/H.
My previous comments re Mazda using them on a show car.
I do not think budget tyres would be used.

Worst Budget Tyre? - Wurzel83
Ford have recently won a contract with Khumo for fitment on brand new Focus's.
Ford also used Kleber for many years on the KA.

Are these actually budget tyres? When I have called around fitters in the past, the main chains have described these brands as being Mid Range. However some local independant fitters have described the Klebers (which I rate as being good VFM) as budgets

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Worst Budget Tyre? - Lygonos
Kumho and Falken both appear to be making good quality tyres, and as their reputation builds, so will the prices they can expect for their goods.

See also Honda, Nissan (Datsun), Toyota from the 1970s to now.

Currently happening to Hyundai and Kia also.

The rise in price happens a little after the quality becomes comparable/superior to the previous market leaders.
Worst Budget Tyre? - Stuartli
There was quite a fuss a few years back when Ford began to fit Hankook tyres to the Mondeo, until it was pointed out the Korean company was very much in league with Michelin.

Its new state of the art Hungarian factory also supplies VW, Audi, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Hyundai, Kia, Opel and Renault.
Worst Budget Tyre? - Marc
"Ford have recently won a contract with Khumo for fitment on brand new Focus's. Are these actually budget tyres?"

As I said previously, I've never had a set of Kumhos, but my understanding is that Kumho are a mid range brand as opposed to 'budget'
Worst Budget Tyre? - mike hannon
What are the road accident/death statistics like in China? Presumably new cars there are fitted with tyres from the home market?
Worst Budget Tyre? - Manatee
UK has c. 3,000 fatalities p.a., China over 70,000 with about the same number of vehicles.


Worst Budget Tyre? - Tornadorot
Dunlop have made many different tyres under the SP or SP Sport brand (SP Sport 9000, SP30, SP Sport 200, SP Sport 01 etc...). The SP Sport 01 and the more recent SP Sport FastResponse have had some favourable reviews in the press.
Worst Budget Tyre? - jc2
2CV tyres-can't get "budget" tyres in that size-just Michelin or Firestone-difference of a couple of pounds in price.
Worst Budget Tyre? - jc2
Ford(and all other makers)do an awful lot ot testing on tyres before fitting them as OE-testing includes grip(wet/dry),wear,fuel economy.Interestingly,I have never seen Dunlop fitted as OE on a Ford.
Worst Budget Tyre? - Armitage Shanks {p}
I am picking up a new Ford next week. I didn't check what tyres were fitted as it isn't the sort of think I would check! I shall see what is fitted and bear in mind the comments on this thread as I drive away!
Worst Budget Tyre? - astrabob
Worst tyres that I have bought were Tigar tyres. They were impossible to balance, so always caused the steering wheel to vibrate on the motorway.

Almost as bad were some Dunlop SP tyres. They also caused a lot of noise / vibration which made the car unpleasant to drive.

I'm also not a fan of Michelin tyres. They are hard wearing, but have little grip in the wet.

Apart from that, I've not had any other problems with tyres. Biggest difference I find is that the 'premium brands' last longer than the 'budget brands' so they end up costing pretty much the same in the end anyway!
Worst Budget Tyre? - Bill Payer
My daughter's SEAT Ibiza came with Dunlop SP Sport 2000's. No performance issues - noise, wet grip etc - that I've would comment on, but the rears developed horrible open cracks at the base of the tread grooves at 4yrs/34K miles when they were perhaps a little more than half worn.

Our new Honda Jazz has Dunlop SP 2030's - hope they're OK!!
Worst Budget Tyre? - Biz
My wife has a BMW 316ti and that came with SP2000. It is 6 years old on the 1st March and the MOT station has said that the F/O/S needs a new tyre due to cracking and ageing. All tyres still have at least 5 mm left as its only done 16,000 miles. Its a shame I have to change them at £150+ each with loads of tread left.

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Worst Budget Tyre? or maybe the best - guygamps
Hi, in the three years since I have owned our Mitsubishi Grandis, we have had terrible problems with the handling, weaving. swerving, tramlining etc. posted on here before.

Had the tracking checked various times, and early 2008 "migrated" to Vredestien tyres which certainly helped.

By end of 2008 it was going it again (all that weaving around). What with one thing another I didn't get around to looking in to it, since the Vredesteins had plenty of tread left still.

But it got REALLY bad again and we had a 520 round trip to do this weekend so went to my local tyre place (St Albans Tyres in London Colney).

He offered Continentals or Pirellis (these are a low profile version needed for this car of a high performance re-enforced tyre) at more than £200 per corner. The price is worth it to protect the family, but the car was delviered on Continentals by Mitsubishi and was terrible, never tried Pirellis on it, but felt that clearly high cost does not guarantee good performance.

So on a whim decided to try the cheap budget alternative, something Indonesian, "aceiera" it says on the side of the tyre - half the price (fitted) of the normal brands available.

WOW! drove up to Corbridge and back, rock solid handling, the best it has ever been on this slightly wayward car. In 600 miles over the weekend not a single weave detected or unexpected correction of steering required, the car has NEVER driven that well since delivered by Mitsubishi.

Vote of confidence for cheap tyres there then, even if they last half as long. we'll see , I'll update you in 8000 miles or so.

Worst Budget Tyre? - TheOilBurner
Worst? Full Run Tyres from China. Just abysmal they were. Of the four "kindly" fitted by the dealer I bought my S80 from, 3 of them required silly size weights to balance them and 1 couldn't be balanced at all.

I ended up getting rid of all four after 4-5k miles because I'd had enough. Swapped them with Khumo Ecstas, which were great, if not all that hard-wearing.
Worst Budget Tyre? - diddy1234
I think the worst tyres I have ever had on a car are the ones supplied as standard on the Rio.

Hanook or Hancook (I can't remember off hand) but are just abysmal.

The other day I had to do an emergency stop for a dear running out in the road.
The ABS kicked in and then the whole car's back end started wavering around.

In the wet is interesting if you like surfing on water !

I cant wait to get rid of these micky mouse tyres and get some decent Michelin's.
Worst Budget Tyre? - OldSock
Hanook or Hancook (I can't remember off hand) but are just abysmal.
The ABS kicked in and then the whole car's back end started wavering around....
In the wet is interesting if you like surfing on water !
I cant wait to get rid of these micky mouse tyres and get some decent

If they're so bad, why haven't you fitted the said 'decent Michelins'?

Could it be a desire to 'save' a bit of cash? The same motive which drives many of us to fit 'budget' brands in the first place!

Worst Budget Tyre? - diddy1234
partly to do with saving cash, but also the car is due a service soon, so I plan to change the tyres then.

I am sure even the budget brands that we can all buy are better than the currently fitted tyres.
Worst Budget Tyre? - Wurzel83
Well Im having 4 Marshals put on my Focus tomorrow afternoon so Ill report back in a couple of days when I have had a taste of how they behave. Mind you the forecast is dry for the next 2 days.

They are size 195 - 50 - 15 and its £151.95 including Tracking. For the record, these are being fitted at an independant tyre fitters which was £10 per tyre cheaper than using an online company (no I didnt search all of them).

I agree though that a good budget can be better than a cheap Premium. Heard stories of Falkens out performing the Pereli P300 etc.
Worst Budget Tyre? - Alby Back
Tyre quality must surely be a factor in the way a vehicle feels, grips and handles. It would greatly surprise me if two otherwise identical cars shod with tyres from opposite ends of the available range of quality were found to have no measurable differences in terms of stopping distance for example.

However, it all becomes a bit of a ball of chalk when you are comparing apples with oranges. At one time, we ran a Mondeo estate and an Espace at the same time. The Espace was new and had Michelins. The Mondeo was old and had Marshalls I think. The Ford still outhandled and outbraked the Renault due to its intrinsically superior dynamic abilities. No doubt the Mondeo would have been better still on posh tyres.

I suppose the moral of that story is that you can get away with low quality tyres with a better chassis but you probably shouldn't risk poor tyres on vehicles of limited inherent ability.

Sadly, in the scheme of things, that's exactly where they most often end up being fitted due to the realities of ecomomic pressures.
Worst Budget Tyre? - DP
Humph puts it very well, I think. I would just add one point.

Although I agree a good chassis can compensate for poor rubber to an extent, it does tend to reveal the limitations of poor rubber much more obviously than maybe a lesser chassis.

I mentioned my old 306 XSi earlier. I have never driven a car so revealing of tyres before or since I had it. On the Dunlop SP Sports the lease company forced us to fit (thankfully only once), it was still a fabulous handling car, until the first sniff of damp. The balance, traction, steering feel and front end bite that made this car so thrilling to drive hard just went AWOL in seconds. It understeered viciously, would spin its front wheels up even on fairly light throttle in the low gears at the merest hint of a damp surface, and the weighting of the steering seemed to disappear.

Even on decent rubber, the lovely, granular steering feel would drop off as the tyres went past their best. FWIW, I still think this is the best handling front driver ever made, including the Focus. It makes me sad that Peugeot never saw fit to equal it since, never mind better it.

Nostalgia takes me off the point. Sorry.

Worst Budget Tyre? - Red Baron
When I bought my ALFA, 2nd hand, it came with a load of GT Radials. Pants! I ended up on top of a verge thanks to them after fish-tailing out of a corner. Had the verge been the usual narrow one, then I'd have gone into the ditch backwards. Off they came and on went Falken tyres. The best tyres I've ever used were Bridgstone RE720.
Worst Budget Tyre? - primeradriver
I never used to go near cheap tyres after a nasty experience several years ago with Tigar, preferring mid-range efforts like Yokohama, Toyo or Kumho, but recently discovered "Lassa" tyres (part of Bridgestone apparently). Their Impetus tyres are a little soft but grip is as good as any tyre I've used to date.
Worst Budget Tyre? - slowdown avenue
remember having dunlop sp like 30 years back , and they devoled bulges. an aa man told me they were the most reported blown out tyre . and remember dunlop quickly moving on to another mark
Worst Budget Tyre? - bell boy
dunlop sp sports if i remember correctly had very few steel bandings in them and were mainly strengthened by rayon or something similar,to be honest i liked them especially on something like a jag
a worse tyre were goodyear grand prix s
i know i saw enough of them with the cords hanging out
they were alright till they got to 3.5mm then the casings distorted
Worst Budget Tyre? - OldSock
a worse tyre were goodyear grand prix s

Was it that - or the G800 - which was "a major contribution to road safety"?

I can see the advert in my mind's eye, even now.... :-)
Worst Budget Tyre? - fredthefifth
Hi All,

It maybe something to do with the industrial estate where I work, but in recent years (5 or so) I have had three tyres with plenty of wear left on them written off due to unrepairable punctures.

So, though I agree with the sentiment about getting the best tyre you can afford etc, because I could easily spend over £150 a corner with the so called premium brands, it will always be a mid range compromise for me. However that compromise would tend to be in the area of longevity, rather than grip.

Worst Budget Tyre? - mark999
Search on the web for tyre reviews this will bring up several that will help. Also one popular car magazine has tests on their website not sure if I can mention the name.
Worst Budget Tyre? - ipsfr
I have used Star Performer tyres on my Touran for the last few years with no problems, both low profile summer tyres and winter tyres. They may wear a little faster than the more expensive brands I have tried, but the grip and handling are absolutely fine. I was surprised recently at the car's ability to get up a short but steep icy and snowy road, but that's another thread.

They came from Delticom, i.e. mytyres.co.uk in Britain.
Worst Budget Tyre? - Pershing

Just had a set of Kormoran's fitted masquerading as Michelin's. They are totally awful and I will be contacting the fitters tomorrow to have them replaced for a mid-ranged brand I paid for!!

Worst Budget Tyre? - Roly93
Fullway tyres fitted to my wifes car. There were impossible to balance and had to be discarded...
Worst Budget Tyre? - Mike H

Colway remoulds, following recommendations on various fora. Fitted to a 1.4 Megane, not exactly the most powerful car on the road, made it feel dangerous unstable. Had to bin them within two weeks.

Worst Budget Tyre? - gfewster

Makes me chuckle when people claim they can tell the difference in 'handling' between Michelins and Pirellis, or whatever.

Seriously, how often do we actually drive our cars anywhere near the limit of adhesion?

Just buy a brand you've heard of at a decent price. How much tread they have left is (at any given point, in the wet) much more important than the brand. This is getting like Hi-Fi enthusiasts talking about speaker cable....

Worst Budget Tyre? - turbo11

"Makes me chuckle when people claim they can tell the difference in 'handling' between Michelins and Pirellis, or whatever.

Seriously, how often do we actually drive our cars anywhere near the limit of adhesion?"

Some of my work colleagues do quite regularly!!!!. I have experienced their antics.

I replaced my 79 strand QED speaker cable for Sonic Link Bi amped cable. Also QED kevlar interconnects.The transformation to the bass was quite noticable. I have a good ear as former musician and a serious stereo( detached house!) :)

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Worst Budget Tyre? - gfewster

Yeah right. And I suppose putting your seperates on a purpose-built £800 hi-fi rack gives "amazing clarity and depth of soundstage" as the magazines would have us believe.

Worst Budget Tyre? - turbo11

Yeah right. And I suppose putting your seperates on a purpose-built £800 hi-fi rack gives "amazing clarity and depth of soundstage" as the magazines would have us believe.

No only £500 for the stand. A bargain :)

Worst Budget Tyre? - Lygonos

>> How much tread they have left is (at any given point, in the wet) much more important than the brand. <<

Not entirely true.

Tread pattern and composition are at least as important as depth, especially in the wet.

Tread depth is most important to prevent aquaplaning, handling while the tyre is in contact with the tarmac is less dependent.

Worst Budget Tyre? - Mike H

Makes me chuckle when people claim they can tell the difference in 'handling' between Michelins and Pirellis, or whatever.

Seriously, how often do we actually drive our cars anywhere near the limit of adhesion?

I agree in principle, but I can assure you you'd know the difference with these Colways! I've been driving for 40 years and they were the worst I'd encountered.

But like you, I'm of the school that says the normal driver won't tell the difference netween tyres as long as they are good quality, which these obviously weren't. In this case I made the mistake of listening to other peoples glowing references :-(

Worst Budget Tyre? - unthrottled


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Worst Budget Tyre? - unthrottled

Don't get budget tyres, get budget wheels! Big, fat tyres offer an unforgiving ride, tend to suffer heavy shoulder wear by 10,000 miles, and get poorer mileage. Skinny tyres with a decent compound will offer at least as much grip as a budget large one, and last longer. The suspension will suffer less wear too. 17" wheels on a mid-size hatchback is bling.

Worst Budget Tyre? - captain chaos

Agree with others about the Dunlop SP, absolute junk. My Jag XJ12 came with them and the thing used to aquaplane at 70mph.

My Camaro had Generals all round same as gordon bennets. Very high treadwear factor designed for 100 yard long burnouts without wearing out but weren't brilliant in the wet. A mate had an identical model with Pirelli PZeros all round and it was a completely different car in the twisties. The Generals looked prettier with the white lettering on the sidewalls which is what really matters I suppose :)

As for budget tyres, I would stay away from chinese brands. They may be good at bicycle tyres and fireworks though.

Worst Budget Tyre? - primeradriver
How does one define a "Chinese brand"? Are you making the distinction between the very cheap, sometimes grey imports, and the larger "Chinese" tyre companies that are often Taiwanese in any case? (i.e. Federal, Nankang etc)? Or do you just mean any tyre with a "funny" name?

Quite a lot of the branded tyres are being produced under contract by these funny-name tyre companies. This doesn't mean that the tyres being produced by these companies bearing their names are any good, but it does at least mean that many of them have modern facilities with good QA. I don't think it is necessarily useful to dismiss a brand on the basis of where the company is based.
Worst Budget Tyre? - SteveLee
I'm perfectly happy with my (now) Nankang (front) and LingLong (rear) shod C5 V6. The Nankangs actually balanced better than the (Korean) Nexens they replaced. (although I was very pleased with the Nexens in terms of grip, feel and longevity.) I buy cheap tyres and change them before the tread drops below 3mm of wear - IMHO far safer than "using up" a premium brand - especially in snow or through standing water. I towed a colleagues Michelin-shod Audi A4 out of a muddy car park only last week after a drop of rain stranded him.
Worst Budget Tyre? - primeradriver
I would agree with this -- the Focus was a right handful in the wet when just one of the front tyres (Pirelli P7) was down to just under 3mm -- replaced the fronts with Toyo T1Rs (£10 each more than Nankangs from Camskill so I figured might as well) and it is like a different car. Kept the good P7 as a full-size spare.

The Toyos are hardly a premium product -- decent mid-range is probably closer to the mark. But, going on past experience, I'd much rather have a half-decent budget like a Nankang than a worn-down premium tyre.

I think there is a proviso here though -- certain cars with poor grip (my old Daewoo was a classic example of this -- those old Astra mechanicals and grip did not go hand in hand) require compensation with a good tyre. I had Durun tyres on that car for a short period -- not good, aquaplane-city. The bushes were worn as well at the time which did not help but that car required decent tyres.

Replaced them with Uniroyal RainExperts and all was well.
Worst Budget Tyre? - Engineer Andy

I agree about the Dunlop SP's - I had some SP Sport 200s fitted (original factorty-fit) to my old micra (R13 175/60H), which were fine in the dry, but absolutely awful in anything more than a couple of spits of rain - a couple of times I skidded over a traffic light stop sign, which signalled to me it was time for a change (still over 4mm tread left, and similar had happened when over 5mm). They had lasted 55k (I try to be a smooth driver), which is alot, so it just shows that hard-wearing tyres can be potentially dangerous, even if you save money by replacing them less often.

The Bridgestone Potenza RE720s I replaced them with were fantastic in dry and wet conditions, reasonable for wear (if treated properly), if a little noisy (my current Mazda 3's Bridgestone Turanza ER30s are ok [not as good as the Potenzas). When I was looking for replacements for my old car, Falken and Khumo were considered in reviews as reasonable alternatives to the main brands, and to steer clear of any chinese makes. A good source of reviews (some tyres appear to work better/worse from model to model [even on similar/related cars]) is:-


You can search by makes of tyre (if you generally prefer X over Y) or by vehicle, which may be more useful, as you can compare several makes of tyre/differnt tyres from one brand (my car is a good example of that) to know what is good and what isn't.

It's probably worth reiterating that if you are in the market for budget tyres for use on an old banger (within 2-3 years of being scrapped), I would suggest trying to find tyres that are softer compound (better grip, but last less) than heard-wearing tyres that may give lower levels of grip, especially in the wet. As long as they lasted/worked fine utill the car was scrapped, then that would probably be acceptable safety-wise and cost-effective.

Lastly, I would recommend going to a recommended (by friends/relatives/colleagues) independent tyre fitter, unless a local national chain has a good reputation. They tend to be cheaper anyway, and are more likely to give good advice/service as they will rely on their reputation for more to get/keep their trade.

I found that Protyre (www.protyre.co.uk) in Enfield was very good on price and service (they fitted my Bridgestone Potenza RE720s back in 2003), and in particular for non-standard tyres. The Micheldever tyre outlet (part of the Protyre group, website www.micheldever.co.uk) in Hampshire always was winning awards for "best tyre seller" over many years.

Worst Budget Tyre? - miroku1949

I have bought budget tyres when I was younger, remoulds were very poular then but the tread never seemed to last very long.

When we had heavy snowfalls last month we nearly becambe stuck so I removed the Coninental summer tyres off the Yaris and replaced them with Kumho Solus KH21, an all season tyre. www.tyretest.com/allseason_tyres/kumho/solus_kh21/...l

I was amazed at the difference in road noise, the Kumho's are actually quieter than the Conti's and the car feels more solid due to the stiffer sidewall. Braking capabilities seem unchanged too whatever the weather.

Plus I'll have a good chance I won't get stuck in the snow too.

Worst Budget Tyre? - bigbobbyb

I've been totally converted and convinced by Maxxis tyres. First experience was with their mountain bike tyres but was introduced to them through my regular suppliers www.hometyre.co.uk. I don't hang about it my car (Saab 95 aero) and had fitted the maxxis MAZ-1 tyres as a set to replace firestone. Performance is excellent and priced right. Big range of other products as far as their website suggests as well ww.maxxis.co.uk

Worst Budget Tyre? - omega2498

My Son and I have had good experience with Hankook and Kumho. In the USA, there is a Government website which tests every tyre (tire!) in the USA. See www.safercar.gov/Vehicle+Shoppers/Tires/Tires+Rati...g. The upmarket Hankooks come out well for wet grip. The worst tyre we have had in the past 5 years are Hydragrip a very `wooden' feel and tyre bias pulling to the nearside. I suppose the only issue with the USA review is that the tests are a bit simplistic, and the tyre compounds may not be the same as for the UK. (On tyre bias, some tyres have coloured bands around them which may indicate the `bias' of the tyre. Many tyre fitters are not aware of this - I was told `I knew too much' by one tyre place ! If there is bias, the tyres should be fitted as `mirror image' on the same axle)


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