03 2.0 Moaning noise - bigal257
My Vectra (81000 miles) has developed a low pitch moaning sound when running easy at 50-70mph, especially noticeable on the over-run. It is definitely related to road speed, not engine speed, and happens in all gears, including neutral. I have had all 4 wheels jacked-up and all turn freely with no noise, roughness or bearing play. There is no evidence of heat generation in the hubs. I have temporarily exchanged wheels with a friend, but no difference. The drive shaft gaiters appear sound - there is a (very) small amount of play in the drive shafts, but this is equal both sides and I think is normal.
I have a long European trip coming-up and don't want any nasty surprises.
Any ideas/suggestions would be very welcome.
03 2.0 Moaning noise - freman
Do you have a roof rack, top box etc ? if so that could be the cause.
03 2.0 Moaning noise - Alby Back
Something caught underneath? Carrier bag or similar? Loose undertray perhaps?

On the other hand.....My car does this sometimes, usually when I'm in a hurry and SWMBO is in the passenger seat......

03 2.0 Moaning noise - bigal257
Thanks for the suggestion, but there's nothing stuck underneath. However the undertray is a bit loose and rattles when I thump it, but it's been like this for a long time despite all the bolts being fixed. Anyway, how could it moan?
03 2.0 Moaning noise - bigal257
Thanks for a good suggestion - it is that sort of noise. But, no - I don't have a roof rack, top box, bike carrier etc. On the same track of wind noise, there are no bits of loose trim and the rear windows haven't slipped down a bit.

It's also getting worse and sometimes seems to have a rhythmic tempo, especially on the over-run.
03 2.0 Moaning noise - bigal257
If anyone is following this thread, it's resolved. It got much worse, so I had to take it in to a garage. The wheel bearing on the offside front wheel was the culprit. It comes as an assembly, so not a cheap job. I'm now £200 poorer, but a lot quieter!
03 2.0 Moaning noise - terence
I also have a moaning noise and last week the garage replaced both rear bearing hubs -cost £500. A front bearing has also failed and is booked in for Wednesday. My Vectra is an 04 with 78K miles. You cannot replace just the bearing and it must be the complete hub at a cost of £175 each plus labour. I have driven about 500k miles in my lifetime and never had a bearing failure . Just like buses, three come at once. This car has been a money pit. Broken springs/ wiper failure/ water pump failure/ and now this

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