airflow ventilation - bell boy
somebody was talking about early fords with the airflow ventilation the other week (i cant find a link) and mentioned a mk1 cortina,i noted at the time that the consul which was only out for about a year i believe didnt have airflow and ive found one
if you look at the photo of the dash you will note the holes for the air dont exist

i thank you
airflow ventilation - Avant
I think the airflow ventilation came with later Mark 1s: easy to spot externally as they had vents aft of the rear doors. The one in trhe picture is said to be a 1963 model - I vaguely remember that the fscelift came in 1964 - probably in time for the October motor show.
airflow ventilation - Fullchat
Weren't they in the centre of the dash on the top similar to Mk1 Escorts. And if you look closely enough there is something there.
airflow ventilation - bell boy
they were on the edges of the dash so you could play with them as you drove
airflow ventilation - Old Navy
they were on the edges of the dash so you could play with them as
you drove

Yes, the signs of airflow are eyeball vents at each end of the dash, and air outlets in the rear pillar.
airflow ventilation - Fullchat
OK. Bit before my time anyway :-]]
airflow ventilation - ifithelps
Ford called it aeroflow, characterised by eyeball vents either end of the dash.

Simple but brilliant system allowing warm feet and cold, or at least ambient, temperature face.
airflow ventilation - mike hannon
IIRC the throughflow ventilation system was introduced when the Mk 1 Cortina was facelifted in about 1965.
Not that I am an expert on Fords or Cortinas but I remember a friend of mine bought one at the facelift and the ventilation system was one of the things that persuaded him to 'upgrade' from his Morris 1100.
airflow ventilation - bathtub tom
I recall Maxis having a ram air face level ventilation. The passenger side trunking was on top of the radiator being warmed nicely.
airflow ventilation - Marc
Don't want to take this thread off topic, but if you like the Maxi check this one out :
airflow ventilation - bathtub tom
Mmm, I'll be in Leighton Buzzard tomorrow.
airflow ventilation - bell boy
what a beauty
they call it sand glow i call it mustard
look at how wide the doors open,modern cars can only dream at that
airflow ventilation - Paul G1pdc
MAXI, brings back memories...(I'm now 39)
But as a child remember getting pimples on my legs from the plastic seats, and wow did they get hot in the summer.
also remember traveling from Chesham in Bucks to visit Grandparents in London (pre-M25) and my sister and myself used to lay on the back seats side by side...the seat back went flat into the bootspace making it like a double bed....
A chap at college bought one in the late 80s (his dad owned a garage and one came in for repair and was techincally a write off, but his son (at zero labour rate) got it back on the road, for a couple of years anyway...) he said that it was faster in 4th than 5th due to gearing..but hey any car of that age with a 5 speed was for the price was amazing...
airflow ventilation - DP
My dad still rates the old 1976 Maxi 1750 he had when we were kids as one of the best cars he's ever owned. 3 years of unfailingly reliable service, cheap to run, decent performance (for its time), easy to work on, and very practical with its flat folding seats.

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airflow ventilation - Robin Reliant
what a beauty
they call it sand glow i call it mustard

It's beige, that is.
airflow ventilation - Marc
"they call it sand glow i call it mustard"

Or custard even.

BL's mustard shade was 'Harvest Gold' - IMO of course.

Anyway back to Ford aeroflow vents...
airflow ventilation - AlastairW
Of course many cars of that era had airflow ventilation through the rust holes that developed in the bodywork ;)
airflow ventilation - L'escargot
Rootes Group "eyeball" face level vents, as per the Hunter range, were superior in function to the Ford vents.

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airflow ventilation - DP
I seem to remember the centre facia vents on the mk2 Cavalier were cold air only. This allowed an easy cool face / warm feet set up.
Unless mine was broken of course. :-)
airflow ventilation - redviper
Yes the centre facia vents on my MK1 Astra, where also cold air only, warm air supplied to the feet and/or windscreen only.

I think it would have probably been across the range at that time
airflow ventilation - Dynamic Dave
I think it would have probably been across the range at that time

Yep, right up to the Mk3 Cavalier. My Vectra-B was the first Vauxhall I owned that blasted warm air out the face vents if the heater was on.

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airflow ventilation - redviper
Yes my MK3 Cavalier, as you say would allow hot air through the vents, still didnt come with recirculation though - however didnt really bother me as it didnt have aircon, and i never had it (recirculation, and air con for that matter) on a car before and now i only use it if i have the air con on.
airflow ventilation - Dynamic Dave
Yes my MK3 Cavalier as you say would allow hot air through the vents

The face vents in both my Mk3's still kicked out cold air when the heater was on.

My 2nd Mk3 was the Diplomat, which had AC. Can't remember if it had a recirculation mode though.
airflow ventilation - redviper
Ah I cant remeber for sure if mine did blow out hot air from the vents, i thought it did.

Probably dont remeber becasue I dont like hot air blasting out in my face - i prefer to have hot air on my feet, and rise up from the bottom of the car

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airflow ventilation - bell boy
most of the hot air in my car comes from the passenger seat area
airflow ventilation - Dynamic Dave
Ah I cant remeber for sure if mine did blow out hot air from the vents i thought it did.

Thank heaven for the forum search. I thought it had been previous discussed:-

airflow ventilation - redviper
Aha, i stand firmly corrected :-)

Thanks for digging that out DD :-), I now know for sure but I would never use the vents for hot air anyway, and I parted from my cav many, many years ago so I could not correctly recall

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