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Ford CD6000 Radio/CD Player - KeithH
I have a Portable Mini Disc Player that I would like to play through my Car Audio unit: Ford CD6000. This unit has a multipin connector on the rear for a CD multichanger.
Does anyone know the pin outs of the connector? Is it possible to fool the CD unit into thinking there is a multi-changer present by for example linking pins and then feeding the audio input into other pins as though it was the autochanger?
I accept that I wont be able to control my mini disc player from the CD unit.

Answers or a service manual / circuit diagram for the CD unit (or where to get one from) would be much appreciated
Ford CD6000 Radio/CD Player - smokie
If you have a cassette player, Argos used to sell an attachment which looks like a tape with a wire which plugs into your line-out on CD player. You can then play CDs/minidiscs through the car player. Seem to recall it was less than £10, and impossible to really notice any deterioration in quality.

I use it for a CD MP3 player (i.e. CDs written with MP3 - data -files) which gives me far greater capacity on a single CD - about 120 tracks per CD IIRC.
Ford CD6000 Radio/CD Player - Ian (Cape Town)
Argos used to sell an
attachment which looks like a tape with a wire ...

Some clever richard came up with the idea of installing similar devices at the local drive-in cinema's once, which played the movie soundtrack throught he car stereo.
(Up until then, sound was via a large metal box on a cable, which hooked onto your side window, and gave abysmal sound quality.)
However, many was the night when, after the double feature, loads of cars were stuck with flat batteries!

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