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02 2.0 Low on power/exhaust smoke suddenly appeari - AllanN
Hi guys. I have a 307 SW(SE) with and HD110 engine
Recently it has been very low on power. I had the MAF changed and there is a noticable difference at the 2800/3000 levels but it still seems sluggish at lower revs and when its cold. The air filter has been changed and I was going to change the fuel filter and disconnected the 3 fuel feeds and the electrical connection. Unfortunately the wrench I had was not big enough for the housing top,so I reconnected the fuel leads etc
The car started and idled over without any problem so at this time I decided to use a charge and start cable (I have never used this before) to boost the battery on another car. During this time the 307 started to blow smoke from the exhaust - it has never done this before
There are no fault codes and showing and I cannot see how the charge and start cable has caused this problem
So I have 2 questions :
1) according to Haynes it is almost impossible to unscrew the filter top without damaging the housing. Is this true or is there a technique I can use to avoid damage
2) does anybody have any idea why the smoke has suddenly appeared?
02 2.0 Low on power/exhaust smoke suddenly appeari - steve_earwig
1. depends on the type, the one on my 406 has a big knurled ring around it, you undo this with an oil filter strap wrench. If you just grab the top end with a wrench you'll kill it. Anyway, standard procedure on an HDi is to change the entire filter, housing and all. The reason is the HP pump is extremely sensitive to tiny particles of crud and they can get on the wrong side of the filter while you are changing it. 50 quid for a new filter housing & element or 700 plus for a new HP pump? Hmm...

2. Often the EGR valve is stuck.

3. Keep them jump leads away from it, new BSIs are also expensive!
02 2.0 Low on power/exhaust smoke suddenly appeari - AllanN
Hi Steve.
Thanks for the information - here's a bit of an update

1) I also have 406 and could unscrew the fuel filter top using a socket, that seemed fairly easy. I have to admit that I was surprised to hear that the whole unit should be changed but I can undderstand that the pumps etc are extremely sensitive so a couple of questions here
a) Is this a dealer only part or would general motor factor shops stock them?
b) Does the housing and filter come as seperate units , and if so are they easily damaged when putting them together?

2) You mention that the EGR valve is often stuck, is this easily resolved, or an expensive repair?

3) I didn't use jump leads but a lead from cigarette socket to socket to give the other battery a charge before starting

4) The smoking exhaust disappeared as soon as I gave it a reasonable test run, and there hasn't been any since so I am not sure what the cause was

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