Nissan fuel capacity - steve
I have recently been driving a 1997 Nissan Primera, the question someone may be able to help with is the capacity of the fuel tank. I drive about 750 miles per week so need to fill up often, but from an indicated empty to full I cannot put in more then £33 worth of petrol. Does this car have a small tank or do I need a new full gauge?. As an aside which modern popular car has the largest fuel capacity- previously I had a Renault lagona which would take nearly £50 to fill up.
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Re: Nissan fuel capacity - Jonathan
My grandfather owns an old Audi 100, which takes about 75 to completely fill
Re: Reserve capacity. - richard turpin
The Triumph Herald had a reserve fuel tap, but in the boot. This minor inconvenience meant that it was used as a proper reserve, but saved leaking cans etc. One of BL's better ideas I thought.
Re: Nissan fuel capacity - David Lacey
A point I have make to many customers - a fuel tank 'guage' is only an 'indicator' of fuel tank contents - it is not a calibrated instrument by any way or means

Tank size should be shown in the vehicle operator's manual (if you still have it!)
Otherwise ask any Nissan dealer - it should be a simple enquiry. If they are unhelpful then ask for the Customer Services telephone number and ask them

A large reserve capacity is now engineered into fuel tanks - a catalyst equipped vehicle running out of petrol is bad news, especially at speed possibly leading to catalyst burnout due to very lean mixtures and misfiring

The only 'scientific' way to determine tank capacity is to run the tank dry and refill it and note the filled volume. But this may not be the best idea, see above
Reserve capacity. - David Woollard

I bet you remember when the reserve was just that. The old Rover 2000 of the 1960s had that tap you pulled on the facia as the car stuttered that gave a genuine extra reserve gallon or so.

Problem was I was young/broke and then used to go to the second reserve position......running out.

Now running diesels is a powerful incentive not to do that.

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I wish that a two-way tap was fitted to cars, most bikes have them and it is nice to know that if you ever get caught short there is half a gallon available.
My best low fuel experience was coming round the North Circular in a car, looking at the gauge and thinking it was about time I topped up, when the engine cut at about 50 mph. I slung it into neutral and coasted for a quarter of a mile, straight into a convenient garage and up to the pumps.

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